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Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 20, 2017

Another week of spring fishing at Lake Almanor and another week of some what unsettled weather one day it rains and even drops a few snow flakes and the next its bright sun and blue sky. The one thing that is constant is the outstanding fishing for Trophy Brown Trout. The fish have been a little more scattered around the lake but they are still in classic spring time "hunt down food" mode. When the Browns are like this they are aggressive to say the least, and absolutely crush our baits, with a good many going airborne on the initial hit. Needless to say this makes for some heart pounding excitement. This week I had several clients new to this type of fishing, and while this was their first experience, it will most certainly not be their last. Most of our Browns are running 3 to 7 pounds with a few Bows in the 3 to 4 pound range as well as some Smallies in the 3 pound class making up the catch this week. It looks like the great spring fishing will just keep going. Check out our Facebook page to see some pictures from our recent trips.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 4, 2017

Spring has sprung at Lake Almanor, or has it? We have seen it all this week from flat calm and sunny to 20 to 30 mph winds with gusts over 40 mph and sideways snow. I had a few slower days this week mainly due to the high winds making certain areas of the lake un-fishable.  That said we have been landing some beautiful fish. In fact, on one of the windy days we landed our second biggest Brown of the season, an 8 pounder caught by Mark Sill of Castro Valley. Fish on Almanor right now can be had just about everywhere on the lake. The south end by the dam as well as the east and west shores are all giving up fish. This week our catch has been made up of mostly Browns with just a few Rainbows in the mix as more of the Bows make their way to the tributaries to spawn. Our fish have been running 3 to 8 pounds with good numbers in the 4 to 5 pound class, and falling to a variety of minnow imitation plugs, my preference being Rapalas. We even saw the first Smallmouth (affectionately known as a "Ditch Pickle") of 2017 on the boat this week. Hold on to your hats, it looks like more weather will be in later this week bringing rain and snow, which will continue to add to our totals and keep the spring bite here on the lake going even further into the year.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 22, 2017

The fishing here on Lake Almanor continues to be pretty solid overall with Browns and Bows being caught just about every day. The lake is still trying to decide if it is winter or spring as a few more smaller storm fronts move across northern California. Fish are running 3 to 6.5 pounds with a few larger ones being hooked. The fishing should only get better as we move further into spring. Don't have your date booked with Big Daddy's Guide Service yet? Don't wait, prime dates are going fast. Don't miss your chance to get out on this beautiful lake and experience one of the finest trophy trout fisheries in California.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 17, 2017

The winter of 2017 has really been something. Recent road closures and winter storms have had us in a holding pattern, waiting to officially get this season underway. Hopefully within the week we will be back on the water. In the mean time dates are going fast for the next few months. If you have some dates in mind please contact me and get on the books. The water level at Lake Almanor is very close to full,  as you might imagine, and good water levels bring good fishing, 2017 will be a fantastic year.

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