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Fall Fishing Report Almanor and Eagle Lake, October 31, 2016

It has been a wild ride over the last month and a half or so, the fish at both Lake Almanor and Eagle Lake jumped into high gear and are not showing any signs of slowing. It looks like a story of two bait fish with Almanor holding Pond Smelt that in some cases are currently 4 inches long, while over at Eagle you have the Tui Chub, not quite as big but they make up for it in shear volume. In both cases the Trophy Trout  are going crazy for them as they strap on the feed sacks going into winter. Translation there are a bunch of big, hungry, aggressive trout looking to kill stuff including our baits. At Lake Almanor it has been all about the hardware, and for those of you who have been on the boat in the past you know we fish them fast, and get some monster hook ups. At Eagle Lake is has been all about the slow fished soft plastics with fish hammering away all the way to the boat. The shallow fly fishing bite is also picking up nicely and will be in full swing as we move through November.

The bottom line is now is a great time to get on some quality fish. I have some days left available during November so contact me soon and get on the books for some of this exciting action.

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Bucks Lake Fishing Report, July 27, 2016

The Kokanee bite continues to be strong here at Bucks. Fish in the 13 and 14 inch range are whacking our rigs from 25 to 35 feet down all over the lake producing limits for 2 to 5 people daily. Best color combinations right now is watermelon and pink. Water temps are in the low to mid 70's with this heat wave we are currently experiencing and the lake is still nearly full. Bucks is a great place to beat the summer heat of the valley and right now the conditions are beautiful. Speaking of Kokanee, I have been having a lot of questions on the boat about how I can my Kokanee. Check out this article all about it. Here

And as usual To keep more up to date and see more pictures visit

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, April 14, 2016

Spring is here at Lake Almanor, bugs are hatching and rods are getting hammered by big beautiful Browns and Rainbows. The lake level is on the rise as are the water temps currently sitting in the low to mid 50's. On recent trips we have been working more of the open water on the west, east and north sides of the lake, catching fish just about everywhere. This spring pattern should hold for at least the next several weeks and it just so happens that I have some days open and available during the two weeks. If you are looking to get in on some exciting spring fishing for Trophy Browns and Bows contact me ASAP and lock down a day or two. To keep more up to date and see more pictures visit

Oh yeah and congratulations to Mike for making the cover of The Fish Sniffer with an Awesome Almanor Brown!

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 6, 2016

So much for feeling like spring up here, winter is back!! We have been seeing periods of rain and even some snow at Lake Almanor. This is all good news for our water situation, lake levels and the general health of our environment. The weather has not stopped the bite on the lake and we continue to score good numbers of quality fish, mostly Browns and few Rainbows. The water temps are holding in the low 40's and despite all the rain, water clarity is not an issue. The fish have been fairly scattered and on the move so we have been covering lots of water to get'em. This shallow water Brown bite is some of the most exciting fishing of the year. If you like to fish, and have never felt the sensation of a Trophy Brown crush your bait, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I only have a few days left open this month so contact me asap to set up your trip. To keep more up to date and see more pictures visit

Big Browns and...

Big Bows

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 28, 2016

Well that just about does it for this month, and with the warmer than usual weather Lake Almanor fishing is coming on strong. The tail end of the winter bite is still happening, but the exciting news is that the spring bite is really starting to happen. Hopefully we will still have some more rain and snow in our future but for now the weather is nice and the bite is ON! East and west shores are kicking out fish to us in the top 10 feet of the water column. The fish are a mix of Browns and Bows running 2.5 to 5 pounds and a few even breaking the 6 pound mark. Arctic Fox Tube Flies, Flash King Spoons and Rapalas have all been getting fish. The water temp has been warming, now sitting in the low to mid 40's and the lake is starting to wake up for spring. The water level is on the rise and clarity is decent to good depending where you are at on the lake, with the one exception being Hamilton Branch, which generally has had chocolate milk flowing out of the powerhouse. I have just a few days left available in March so if you are thinking you want in on some of this great spring action contact me soon and lock down a date. To keep more up to date and see more pictures visit

Mikey Likes It...

And So Does Josh


Bass Pro Shops Rocklin Update, February 17, 2016

Come check out Big Daddy's Guide Service at the Rocklin Bass Pro Shops this Saturday and Sunday February 20th and 21st. from noon until 5pm. I will be there during the final days of BPS Spring Fishing Classic talking to people and answering questions about the fishing opportunities here in Northeastern California as well as booking trips for this season. Special offer, book a trip at while at Bass Pro Shops this weekend and receive a free BDGS Tshirt. I look forward to seeing you there.

Sacramento ISE Show Report, January 26, 2016

A BIG Thank You to everyone who stopped by the booth at the Sacramento ISE Show your attendance made this years show another great one. It was great to see old friends as well as make some new ones and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the water. A special thank you goes out to Frank San Marco and Chuck Giles for all of their help with booth set up and tear down and staffing. And now that the big show is over it is time to get back on the water and whack some fish.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year! Hopefully all of you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. I was looking to start off the new year whacking some beautiful fish at Lake Almanor but over the holiday weekend we were greeted with a building ice flow covering most of the south end of the lake from the east to the west shore. While some of the ice was thin, and would have been easily broken through, a good portion of it was quite thick and would have made fishing impossible. The good news is a round of good winter storms have made their way to us and are binging good amounts or rain and snow to the mountains as well as warmer temps which will open the lake back up. The winter bite has been producing some quality fish at Almanor as it usually does. Look for this bite to keep going for the next two months weather and ice permitting.

Coming up later this month: The biggest and best show in Northern California will be at Cal-Expo January 21-24. This is a great way to kick off your year with everything outdoors. Big Daddy's Guide Service will again have the regular booth #3434 in the Pavilion Building. Stop by the booth to say hello, swap some fish stories, check out pictures and videos, see the latest in BDGS gear, and take advantage of booking your next trip at "Show Special" prices.

I hope to see you at the show and on the water in 2016.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, November 30, 2015

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. A storm mid week last week kind of shut things down just prior to the holiday but pre and post-storm the fish of Lake Almanor were still on the bite. Most of the days the Rainbows and a few Browns have been hammering our hardware in the top 10 feet of the water. The day after Thanksgiving was a little slower but we still managed to get quality fish in the same areas from the peninsula to Prattville but we had a pretty stiff Northeast wind and sub-freezing temps to contend with. With the temps starting in the low teens and not getting much above freezing, we made a lot of ice on the boat railing, downriggers, and rod eyes which made the heated cab of the boat the desired location to watch the rods from. Not many boats on the lake, it's like having the trophy trout factory all to ourselves. There are some more storms in the forecast which is great news for our water situation, and in between those storms, this time of year is a great time to get out and hook into some beautiful trout.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report, November 19, 2015

Well over the course of the last week launching stayed pretty good at the low water ramp at Eagle Lake. Right off the bat it was a piece of cake with the drop off the concrete being easy and plenty of water to float my Boulton deep V I/O boat. The storm that moved through Sunday and Monday brought some North wind, which in turn, started to silt in the launch reducing the water depth and making the launching process for me a little tough but doable. The "A Team" was back for their yearly trip, Eagle Lake Trout on the fly what a blast. Following the storm the lake was basically flat and still for three days making for tough fly fishing in the rocky shallows. We worked our way up the lake and opted to fish the areas around Pelican Point and the Youth Camp to take advantage of a better ledge that leads to deeper water. The deeper edge gives the fish a sense of security with the flat conditions as well as a good place to hunt food. Working either intermediate lies or weighted/ bead headed flies off of floating lines was the key to get the flies to the fish and from there it was FISH ON!! Not what I would call a red hot grab but pretty solid, with the fish consistently on the take all day. What a blast to have these guys out on the water, we can only hope there will be enough water in the lake to continue this annual trip.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, November 13, 2015

The bite continues to be pretty good here at Lake Almanor. We are currently catching mostly thick "slab sided" Rainbows with a few Browns showing in the mix. I have been avoiding the shallows where many of the Browns are doing their spawning thing, in favor of the great Bow fishing out over the open water. The fish have been running between 2.5 and 3.5 with a few smaller fish as well as a few kicker "Toads" in the high 4's to mid 5 pound range. The fish are all being caught in the top 15 feet of water with the shallow lines getting more action in the early hours and the deeper ones coming on later in the morning. Custom Flash Kings as well as Arctic Fox Tube Flies in the Tui Chub pattern are the rigs producing results. I'm off to Eagle Lake for some action provided the launch conditions hold out and I can get the big Boulton in.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, July 6, 2015

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. The Kokanee bite was going off at Bucks. The fish are still hanging in the 30 foot range mostly from the Bucks Creek arm out into the middle of the lake. The Pink Tiger Spinners are still the top producers with a mix of silver and watermelon dodgers. There has also been a fast bite on small Brook Trout in the Mill Creek arm. There are some nicer Brooks and a few Browns in there as well but we spent a lot of time weeding through the small ones to get a few nice trout. Small spoons fished close to the bottom were getting the hits.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, June 28, 2015

Well Almanor looks to have settled into its Summer grove and that is not a good thing. The bite at Almanor has been very sporadic with one day showing signs of a solid bite and the next we have been working hard to scratch out a couple of fish. The fish we have been getting, mostly Bows in the 3 pound class, have been hanging from Rec 1 all the way around to the Dorado area of the east shore. Most of the action we have found has been from 25 feet to the bottom. A combination of soft plastics and crawlers some fished naked and others behind dodgers have been the ticket. One day the like the flash of the dodgers the next the fish prefer the less flashy approach. I'm hopeful the fish will settle into a more even pattern.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, June 13, 2015

Mackinaw, Kokanee, and a few trout mixed in, combine that with good lake levels and its a combination for fun days of fishing. Some of the days we have focused on a single species and others have had a variety cross the decks. The Mackinaw bite is usually slowing down by mid June but this year they keep showing up eager to bite. I have been fishing a combination of spoons and plugs for the big trophy fish which have been ranging from 8 to 17 pounds. The Kokanee are scattered all over the lake and running in the 25 to 35 foot range. The Uncle Larry's Pink Tiger spinner behind watermelon Wild Things have been getting the most action. I plan to keep working the Trophy Macks until the bite completely dies off. Stay tuned for more action from Bucks, Lake Tahoe and Lake Almanor.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, May 25, 2015

Meanwhile back at Bucks Lake the Trophy Mackinaw have finally settled into a consistent groove. We have been hooking 4 to 6 of the big fish each day with the fish running from 9 to 18 pounds on custom painted plugs. The last several trips there has been a lot of hooting and hollering on the back deck of my boat along with a good many high 5's and fist bumps as we have seen some great battles out of these big fish on the light tackle. The last week brought more of the unsettled weather we have been seeing here in Northeastern California featuring lightning, thunder, and some steady down pours of rain but most of it held off till the afternoons giving us pretty nice mornings to fish. In addition to the Mack bite the Kokanee bite has been going wide open at Bucks with the fish running 12 to 12.5 inches and thick. The best bite has been on watermelon Wild Things followed by Pink Tiger Uncle Larry's Spinners fished 20 to 28 feet. This is some great fast action fishing especially when you are getting kids involved in it. Look for this bite to roll right on through summer with the fish getting bigger as we go. I will try to get some pictures posted as soon as possible. Tight Lines,

Lake Davis Fishing Report, May 14, 2015

The bite at Lake Davis had been going strong but we are in a really funky weather pattern right now that has really knocked the bite back, not just here at Davis but I hear at Almanor as well. The last several days have brought everything from bright sun to sideways snow, flat water to big white caps and just about everything in between and sometimes all in the same day. Crazy to say the least. There have been some nice Bows continuing to bite through the wild weather and the hardware like the Needlefish and Dick Nite continue to do most of the damage. The surface and shallow action has slowed down a bit with the better bites happening around 12 to 15 feet. The quality of fish is there, with most going over 18 inches and the larger ones at 22 to 23 inches and if you know Lake Davis trout there is not a skinny one in the bunch. The lake level is not what I would call great hovering in the 50% range with Honker Cove being the only option for launching. If you are looking to get in on the Lake Davis Rainbow action I would say sooner rather than later as the lake continues to slowly drop.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, May 9, 2015

Back to Almanor for a few days on the water and the spring bug hatches are still concentrating fish along the west shore which means big hits, big fights, big runs and big fish. The first couple of days the weather and the fish were cooperating, light breezes fractured the glassy surface of the lake just enough to enhance the already good bite. The fish, mostly Bows with a few Browns, working the hatch areas were scattered all over the place from the surface to the bottom the key was to spread out the gear and cover the water. Most of the fish were running 2.5 to 4 pounds. Day three rolled around and the forecast of 5 to 10's out of the North was actually 15 to 20 with gusts to 30 out of the Northeast, not ideal conditions for fishing. These guys were outdoorsmen with lots of time spent in pursuit of both fish and game. We headed out into the ugly lake, and to say we had the whole lake to ourselves is not just an under-statement, it was the truth. We worked into the same west shore area as the days before and just as I got the last rod set it was Fish On!! We spent the rest of the day whacking nice Rainbows and having a good time despite the wind. The last couple of days the weather has been absolutely beautiful, unfortunately following that big wind the bite dramatically dropped off. What was 12 to 15 fish days went to 5 fish days. I was almost wishing the wind back...... Almost. Well it is back off to Davis for a few days before returning to Bucks for more Trophy Mackinaw action.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, May 5, 2015

On the water looking for some Trophy Mackinaw. Bucks Lake is in great shape water wise, this is the highest level seen in the last 3 years. The marks have been plentiful on the sonar but the bite has been very sporadic. Over the course of the last several weeks we have landed fish from 4 to 15 pounds on everything from custom painted plugs, to spoons, and even trolling flies. Once hooked up on the light tackle the battle is on with most of the fish making several long runs back to the bottom and around the boat before coming to the net. I will be working these trophy fish for the rest of the month, with a few days back at Almanor as well as Davis.

Lake Davis Fishing Report, April 23, 2015

Took a little break from fishing Almanor to run some trips up at Lake Davis. This place is known for its spring time action as the fat Rainbows head back into the lake after the spawn and start feeding heavily. The first few days we found some what of a scattered bite, picking up fish all over the lake but no one particular area was better than another. Most of the fish were coming in the top ten feet of water with hardware like the frog needlefish taking most of the hits. The fish were solid, running 18 to 21 inches, fat and feisty. Finally by the 19th the sporadic bite we had been seeing gave way to more stable action with the open water between Honker Cove and the island holding good numbers of fish at all depths and the were on the chew. The top 12 feet would be hot early on in the morning with the deeper fish, down to 20 feet, getting active later in the morning. The hardware seemed to be the hot ticket, again the frog was taking a lot of hits but so was the Dick Nite. Several of the days half of our fish were over the 20 inch mark, great to see this lake and its fish really coming back, and with no shortage of food for them to eat look for even bigger fish next year.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, April 15, 2015

The shallow Brown bite has slowed dramatically as more and more fish get sucked out off shore to feed on the bug hatches going on at various areas around the lake. We have been working both the east and west shores depending on the hatches and which side of the lake is holding the most fish. This is some exciting fishing, fish with big attitudes slamming the gear, going airborne, and making screaming runs. Lately the west side is where it is at until today when big Northeast winds made that side of the lake un-fishable. Instead I opted to work the Eastern side of the peninsula, while the wind made things difficult, it gave us enough shelter to be able to fish. No other boats on the water, we had the place to ourselves and the fish were biting. It was limits by noon with a mix of Browns and Bows to 4 pounds caught from 7 to 30 feet on custom painted flash kings.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, April 6, 2015

Well here is a little update as to what we have been up to up at Lake Almanor. The shallow Brown bite has slowed down a little as spring has been marching on and the Smallmouth Bass have invaded. That said we are still getting some beautiful Browns along with some nice Bows and even a few Salmon. (see the pic of the 4.5 pounder below) Lately I have been splitting the day by working open water in the mornings and then hitting the shallows to really target the trophy Browns. Currently we are getting snow here at Almanor, which is a welcome sight this year. The snow and cooler temps will knock back the water temps and keep this great spring bite going. And now back to the water. Enjoy the pictures, click them to see larger versions.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 1, 2015

Well it looks like we have left the winter bite behind us and moved right into the spring action, despite a little winter storm that moved in.  Following another week of unseasonable warm afternoons and rising water temps, a little front pushed through the last couple of days bringing light rain moderate winds and even a little snow to Lake Almanor.  The storm served to push back the water temps into the low 40ís even during the afternoons. Previously the water temps had been as high as 48 degrees later in the day. The fish didnít seem to mind as the spring time Brown Trout action just kept right on going. This is somewhat of a transition period for the lake, over the course of the last week the fish have been moving into more traditional spring patterns and for us that means Browns in the shallows. We have been working various areas along the east shore of the lake that have been holding good amounts of feed and Browns. The fish have been responding by hammering our black and silver Rapalas and putting up spectacular battles. The fish have been running from 2 to 6 pounds with an occasional nice Rainbow showing up in the 4 pound range. This is some of the most exciting action of the year and it is just getting started.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 20, 2015

The winter bite continues strong here at Lake Almanor even though it feels like spring. The un-seasonably warm weather has the lake ahead of schedule for 2015 with water temps starting around 44 degrees and going up to 48 degrees during these bright, sunny and windless days. The fish are seeming to have their fins in both seasons, with our winter tactics still producing solid results as well as fish starting to show up in spring patterns. The east shore of the lake is still providing us most of our action but at different times and locations every day. Pond smelt are still the primary food source and the fish are taking advantage of them whenever they can. These bait fish are in great shape this year, one recent 5 pound Brown spit out several on the back deck of my boat as I was un-hooking him; measured out the smelt were 3.5 inches long! The Arctic Fox tube fly still continues to be our number one fish producer, in some cases when the "feed" is on, these baits are bringing 10 fish an hour!!! Rapalas have also been getting hammered by mostly browns, along the east shore. The overall catch has been made up of a mix of Browns and Bows running 2 to 5 pounds. Look for the solid action to continue as the forecast is showing a stable weather pattern. While it is nice to enjoy this beautiful weather, we are hoping winter is not over yet.



Joe White of Pinole CA shows off 10 pounds of trout caught at Lake Almanor. A 5 pound Bow and a 5 pound Brown both hit the Arctic Fox Tube Fly along Almanor's east shore.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 2, 2015

Welcome to the winter of 2015.... or not. The lack of winter weather over  the last several weeks have given us the perfect opportunity to get out on the waters of Lake Almanor and take advantage of a solid winter trout bite. The action has been taking place along Almanor's east shoreline as the trout herd up the lake's population of Pond Smelt and feed. Browns and Bows from 2 to 6 pounds have been hammering our baits as we work in and around groups of actively feeding trout. Running baits like Arctic Fox Tube Flies and minnow soft plastics have been producing single, double and even triple hookups on these quality fish. Now is a great time to take advantage of great fishing and light traffic at the lake.




End of Year Fishing Report Re-cap, December 30, 2014
Here is hoping you had great holidays with family and friends and looking forward to new year celebrations. 2014 was another great year of fishing here in Northeastern California. Winter and spring saw great results from Lake Almanor with solid numbers of big Browns and some crazy King Salmon bites. Despite the low water, Bucks Lake gave up some more Trophy Mackinaw and had an unbelievable Kokanee bite that lasted all summer long. Lake Tahoe did not disappoint, providing endless beauty along with great Mackinaw and Kokanee action. While the fall bite at Almanor was a bit disappointing, Eagle Lake took up the slack with some of the wildest fishing of the year, from September to December providing 20 to 50 fish each morning. Thank you to all the clients that came out and spent time on the water with us in 2014 we look forward to seeing you on the water in 2015.
The Sacramento International Sportsmen's Expo will be at Cal-Expo January 8-11 2015 This is the biggest and best show in Northern California and is a great way to kick off your year with everything outdoors. Big Daddy's Guide Service will again have the regular booth #3434 in the Pavilion Building. Stop by the booth to say hello, swap some fish stories, check out pictures and videos and take advantage of booking your next trip at "Show Special" prices.
Thanks again for another great year in 2014 and tight lines in 2015.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report, December 1, 2014

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, spending time with family and friends. I took a quick break from fishing for the holiday; following way to much food and a successful mission to whack a beautiful silver tip Christmas tree it was back to Eagle for some outstanding trout fishing. The last two weeks the lake has continued to produce great numbers of quality fish both from the boat and on the fly rods. The fish have not been holding in the shallows as long as they had been in previous weeks, so for the fly trips a good shallow grab was short lived in the mornings. The key to keeping on active fish was to fish locations that not only offered shallow structure but also had near by deep water drop offs. The morning conditions have, for the most part, been really good, however afternoon winds have sometimes been the deciding factor in calling it a day. The boat trips have been chalking up big numbers almost everywhere on the lake, or at least in the South basin. In the last two weeks I have had lines in the water at the Youth Camp, Slough Point, Shrimp Island, Wildcat Point, Pikes Point, Ronald McDonald, Eagles Nest and Miners Bay and all have given up fish. You get the idea, fish are everywhere. All of our action has been close to the surface with gear running in the top 6 feet on the outriggers and Cannon Downriggers. Most days I have been starting off the mornings with both orange and watermelon grubs out, some days one gets hit better than the other, and some days the fish just keep slamming both. It looks like these last trips have brought me to the end of a phenomenal  Eagle Lake season for 2014. The dock at the south boat launch has now been pulled by the forest service making launching impossible for myself as well as any other larger boat. For those of you with small boats and shore anglers you have a little less than a month left and plenty of fish willing to bite.

Stay tuned to the reports and your email box for Captain's Club members as I will be giving away some things including free tickets to the Sacramento ISE show coming up next month. If you are not already a member of the Captain's Club go HERE and sign up for the best chance to win.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report, November 16, 2014

The bite at Eagle Lake continues to "Go Off" every day that I have been on the water. The weather this fall has been fairly mild, traffic on the lake has been light and the bite has been Fantastic!! Seems like there are plenty of fish just about anywhere you go on the lake most recently we have been concentrating our efforts on the west side of the lake with both the light tackle trolling trips as well as fly fishing. On the boat trips we are still seeing 20 to 30 fish days working the top 6 feet of the water column. The exact color bait the fish hit best may change from day to day, but lately orange has been producing the most action. The latest cool down in the weather has also forced numbers of fish into the shallows in search of food like snails and shrimp, the perfect opportunity to hammer them with the fly rods. The mornings have been best from shore when the fish are in tight, well within casting range. Late morning the fish have been moving out working deeper structure for their food. Wiggle tails in rust, orange, and olive have all been working as well as flies like Arctic Fox's Marabou Minnow. Look for this great fall bite to continue as we continue through November.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report, October 24, 2014
The last several weeks have seen some outstanding fishing at the lake. Most mornings have us releasing quite a few fish and keeping the cream of the crop for the limits. 20 to 25 fish mornings have been the general rule, and that is "Top Notch" trout fishing by anyone's standards. Just when I though the bite was at its peak, Eagle Lake shifted into high gear! On Fire, Wide Open and Stellar, are just a few of the words being used to describe the current action at the lake, oh yeah, I almost forgot this description. "We are hooking so many fish this is almost not relaxing" A nice problem to have. Those 20 to 25 fish mornings have now turned into 30 to 35 fish and then some, with a good number of larger (over 3 pound) fish starting to show. The fish are near the surface, actively and aggressively chasing the tui chubs. Dark colored, and bright colored soft plastics are literally getting "worn out", some days one working better than the other and some days both getting hit. Double Hook-ups, Triple Hook-ups and even Quadruple Hook-ups!! Why haven't we hooked 5 at a time? Well I'm only running 4 rods of course, and keeping all 4 rods in the water at the same time is almost impossible with the bite this strong. If you have been wondering when is a good time to hit Eagle Lake for some action, that time is now! Email me, Call me or lock down some dates via the web site whatever works best for you, but don't miss your chance at getting in on this (I'm lost for descriptive words here) "RIDICULOUSLY OFF THE CHARTS" trout bite going on now at Eagle Lake. I have some availability during the next few weeks.
I look forward to seeing you on the water,

Here are a couple shots from yesterday, had to snap them quick as we were trying to get the fish back in the water asap. Click to enlarge.

Some of the information in the preceding report was made available to members of "The Captains Club" mailing list a week ago, as a result several groups of fisherman were able to jump on board and take advantage of this hot bite. If you are not a member of The Captains Club and would like to keep informed on what's going on in the world of Trophy Trout and Kokanee fishing at some of the most beautiful locations Northern California has to offer please Click Here

Eagle Lake Fishing Report, September 20, 2014

It is time to get back to Trophy Trout Fishing and Fall is here. Eagle lake has been fishing absolutely outstanding in recent weeks with catch rates at 10 fish per hour in the mornings. Despite the water still being a little on the warm side (67 degrees) the fish are up shallow and actively feeding on the lake's population of Tui Chub minnows. We have been getting fish on both the east and west sides and for the last few days the bite has been unchanged. Today we got off to a little bit of a slower start with only a couple of hook-ups in the first hour but we pushed just a little further north and got on the fish. We finished up landing 6 limits of nice fish with the two biggest being 3 pounds 7 oz. Look for this bite to only get better as the waters cool.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report, September 10, 2014

The Kokanee bite here at Tahoe is still going strong, we have been pulling 4 to 6 limits a day generally by about 10:30 in the morning. Some of the makes are starting to show a little change in their jaws as we get closer to spawn time but the fish are in great shape. Lets hope there will be enough water in Taylor Creek for a successful spawn and egg take.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, August 30, 2014

One of the best Kokanee bites in recent years continues here at Bucks Lake. Despite the lower water the fishing is as good as it gets with most days providing early limits of the spunky salmon. Generally we have been boating near limits for everyone on board then pulling off of the Kokanee grounds to go in search of Browns and Bows with a good grade of trout in the 17 inch range showing up. Some of the Kokanee are just starting to show a little change as we move closer to fall and their spawn but none with heave color yet and the meat looks great.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report, July 20, 2014

The 2014 Kokanee fest continues here at Lake Tahoe. We have been departing mostly from Cave Rock for the Kokanee trips putting us much closer to the Kokanee action than the normal North Shore departure, a shorter boat ride mean faster to the grounds and faster on the fish. The catch has been made up of Kokes ranging from the average 14 inch models all the way up to the big boys going 21 inches and up to 4 pounds. These bigger Kokanee are hard charging and sometimes hard to land with some spectacular aerial acrobatics. We still have several months ahead of this great Kokanee action at one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, June 25, 2014

The last few weeks at Bucks have seen the Mackinaw bite slow way down to the point that I'm not fishing for them any more. Not unusual, by early June they have had enough harassment and will transition to their lazy summer mode. The Kokanee however are coming on strong and the bite is as wide open as it gets. Now these fish aren't huge but they are fun to catch on the light gear and plentiful, providing outstanding action on the boat and in my opinion are the best eating fish in the lake. A new addition this year in the Kokanee arsenal has been the 4 inch "Double Supercharged UV" flashes from our friends at ProTroll, the Kokanee here at Bucks wont leave them alone. I'm liking this new color, and as a side note, Kings at Almanor also seem to like this flasher. Coming up in the next few weeks will be Kokanee charters at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Davis Fishing Report, June 5, 2014

Wide Open!!! That is the best description for the Rainbow bite currently going on at Davis. The fish have been moving around a little bit but the bite is on! As the waters have warmed under bright skies and light winds some fish have started to move into deeper water but our best bites have been shallow. Today we worked our way up the lake to the north, finally settling in just off of the entrance to Lightning Tree and found the shallows loaded with fish. It was a bite every 5 minuets or so with multiple double hook ups and even a triple grab. This is light tackle Rainbow fishing at its best.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, May 20, 2014

The Trophy Mackinaw bite has been a little up and down but overall pretty solid. We are still scoring good numbers of fish on most days running from 10 to 17 pounds with a few more topping the 20 pound mark. Kokanee, and Rainbows have also started to make a pretty good showing and days when we have fished for them. I also ran a few charters at Lake Davis last week. The ramp at Honker Cove is still closed down and with the water level low Camp 5 is the only option for launching. The Rainbow bite at Lake Davis has been pretty good this spring and is just now winding up into high gear.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report, May 1, 2014

Bucks has opened early this year, no surprise, we didn't have much of a winter this year and the lake level reflects that. The water is down but on the rise slowly and the ramp at Lakeshore Resort is long but useable. It always kills me to leave a solid spring bite at Almanor but those feeling last only until the first big Mackinaw of the season is on the line and that took about 10 minuets into the first troll of the season. The last few weeks the Macks have been hooking up and we already have several fish over the 20 pound mark, as well as some nice early morning Browns up to 6 pounds. Look for this early season bite to continue for the rest of the month as we search for the next Trophy Mack.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, April 15, 2014

Back out in the open water on the hunt for trophy Almanor fish. The last few weeks have seen us switch out of the shallows and back to deeper waters that have been producing huge amounts of bug hatches. The fish have started to pack up in these areas taking advantage of the easy food as well as hammering our fast trolled baits. We are scoring good fish at all depths from the surface to the bottom and just about everywhere in between. The catch has been a mix of Bows and Kings from 2.5 to 5 pounds with a few Browns showing up as well.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 30, 2014

We have Browns! and a little much needed precipitation here at Lake Almanor. Here what's been happening out on the water. The beautiful spring weather was pushed out by a cold front that moved through the area over the weekend. The front brought some rain and even a little snow to Lake Almanor (I had about 2 inches of the white stuff at Canyon Dam Boat Launch on Sunday morning) In addition to the moisture we saw an increase in SW winds but certainly nothing that was going to stop us from the pursuit of Trophy Browns, in fact the winds were generally light until about 10:30 each morning, totally fishable. The surface temp lost a few degrees due to the front which is actually a good thing, and should keep the big browns on the chew. Despite the drop in surface temps, large bug hatches continue to pop all along Almanor's east shore as well as the peninsula, providing yet another good source of food for these already obese Almanor fish. The storm also brought a drop in traffic to the lake, that said, there were still a fair amount of people out taking advantage of the opportunities both in boats and from shore.

Our catch has been 95% Browns with a few Kings as well as a few big Bows in the mix. With Browns running 3 to 7.5 pounds, Kings that are 20 inches and over 3 pounds as well as Bows going 3 to 5 pounds this is some exciting spring action. The Quest for Big Browns in 2014 continues, stay tuned, more are on the way. Enjoy the pictures click them to see a larger view.


Another Big Almanor Brown Trout for Beth

Sending this Almanor Brown Trout back to get even larger

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 21, 2014

The Spring Brown Bite Continues! Got a few minuets in the office and wanted to throw out a quick update. The beautiful spring weather has the Almanor Browns in high gear and aggressively hammering out baits, sending many of them completely airborne. The quality of the fish has been outstanding this season, probably due to the massive amount of feed in the form of Pond Smelt these fish have been eating. To give you an idea we are seeing some fish break the 5 pound mark at 22 inches in length, and break the 7 pound mark at only 25 inches. Those are some thick fish. Here are some trophies from recent "Brown Hunting Adventures" Enjoy the pictures and I will see you on the water.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 11, 2014

Browns, Browns, Browns!!!! Have I got your attention? The Almanor spring Brown Bite is on and we are taking advantage of it. This is some of the most exciting fishing of the year with big tough Browns slamming out baits while the rod is in your hand. Lets re-cap the recent weeks of fishing. As the temps have been mild and most days warmer these fish have kicked into spring mode. Most days have been outstanding fishing for these trophies with solid numbers of hook ups and fish running from 3 to 6 pounds. That said, this is fishing, and in the spirit of full disclosure, there have been a few tough days on the water, where weather, wind and water conditions have had me working over time to get some fish hooked up, but over all the bite is about as good as it gets. In addition to the Browns we are seeing just a few really nice Rainbows and a few Smallmouth Bass or "SMB's", and while not the intended targets, they are sure fun to catch. If you have been waiting to get in on some of this spring time brown action, now is the time. I do have a few days available but they are going fast.

Beth's Biggest Brown 6 lbs.

Beautiful Browns

Browns in the Rain

Jake likes it

An Ocassional Big Bow

Big "SMB"

First Brown of the morning, not a bad way to start.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 13, 2014

The east shore is where it is at! Mother Nature gave us a little boost in the precip totals by sending in a pretty good storm over the last weekend bringing much needed rain to the Almanor basin. Those of you who have read these reports in the past, know rain and snow generally doesn't stop me from getting charters out but this storm was packing some pretty good winds as well that made the lake un-fishable so I had to postpone a couple of days until the front cleared. Early in the week we hit the water under a mostly clear sky and almost zero wind and mild temperatures. The biggest weather event we had to deal with this week was lots of thick fog. The Lowrance radar really got a work out, one of the days we fished in heavy fog all day with it only lifting as we were headed back into the docks. I started fishing along the east shore at a couple of my favorite spots and found plenty of fish chasing smelt right on the surface. Despite the good number of fish in the area we were only hooking a few Rainbows and the bites as well as the fish activity faded quickly. Time for "Plan B"  We ran up the east side near Hamilton Branch, despite the increased flows out of the powerhouse the water only had a slight stain to it. Certainly fishable. I began marking fish shallow as well as deep so we took a split approach, Arctic Fox Flies up top on the outriggers and spoons down deep on the Cannon Downriggers and the rewards started stacking up. Over the course of the week we managed to hammer a mix of Browns, Bows and Kings from 2 pounds to just over 23 inches and 5 pounds. The surprise of the trips was the quality of the King Salmon, we caught several 15 inch models but most of them were 19 to 19.5 inches and fat, just in incredible shape for this time of year and a hell of a lot of fun to fight on the light tackle. This is winter time trout fishing at its best.

Big Bow

Nice King Salmon

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 1, 2014

The winter trout bite at Lake Almanor is happening now! We hit the water for looking for some quality Almanor fish, and we were not disappointed with our mix of mostly Rainbows and a few Browns, all thick "chunks" running 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and loaded with loaded with pond smelt. Traffic was light on the lake as we only saw several other boats late in the morning on our run from the dam to Big Springs. That may have been due to the cold morning temps or Super Bowl preparations or a little of both, either way we basically had the lake to ourselves. The morning bite was best, and in addition to the fish that were hammering our rods there were plenty of others tailing on the surface chasing smelt and gorging themselves. Our hottest action came on Arctic Fox Tube Flies in the Pond Smelt pattern (go figure) fished from the surface to 15 feet. We also landed fish on orange pattern fly as well as soft plastic smelt imitations. I'm a firm believer in using scent on all my artificial baits so all of these offerings were enhanced with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel, although at the cold 38 degree water temp the scent releases very slowly but I still like to run it. Look for the great winter bite to continue as we go through the month.


Nice Brown

Another in the net!

Fat Bow

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