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Hi Bryan -
Thank you for another fantastic fishing trip!  We ate the 3 small trout Sunday night, and it was great eating.  The big ones are on the menu for tonight, and Im sure they wont disappoint.  We really enjoy our time out on the water with you, and were looking forward to next year.
Kind regards, Steven
Bryan, as usual it was another trip that memories are made of. Unless a person just makes the call and experiences a day on  Lake Almanor with you they will not understand. The rush you get when that Brown hits is unreal! Of course the whole lake knows when I catch a fish. Yah, we dealt with some weather but you block that out with the excitement. If someone is just looking for a boat ride and sit under the cover they might think twice about going with you. From start to finish Bryan is working the lake to find fish and I mean you will cover a lot of area in a day with Bryan. He knows this lake like no other. Cannot wait for next year.
Thanks again, Mike Piper- ( Boom Shaka Laka )
Just a short note to let you know how much my daughter, son, and I enjoyed our day fishing Lake Almanor with you last Tuesday.  It was a wonderful experience and you made it that way.  Of course it wasn't bad that we caught some quality fish.  The large 6+ pounder went on the B-B-Q, and the smaller ones were fried up in the pan for trout and eggs the next morning.  All were thoroughly enjoyed!  The two 4+ pounders, etc. are going in the smoker.  Thanks again for a unique and wonderful fishing experience!!  It was one of the highlights of the week on the Lake with the entire family.
Glenn Mara
Great day on Bucks with D and Clyde for Mr. Mack.  You're operation is tiptop and thanks for the awesome trip.  For your future customers...any guide can get you on fish, very few like Bryan can create a total experience.  Thanks again!
Another great trip with Bryan at Lake Almanor. We spent two days fishing for the big browns and were not disappointed. Dang, when they hit it is something and the fight is awesome. While other fair weather fisherman ran when the wind came up Bryan kept at it and we caught fish. .Fishing for these  Browns was  everything we hoped it would be. Another awesome trip with Big Daddy himself! Brother  Mike Ford  and I will be back for years to come. Thanks Bryan,

Mike Piper, Grass Valley, Ca.

Great trip on Lake Almanor, enjoyed the fishing and enjoyed the company.  Bryan has a great sense of humor but you have to pay attention.  Joe and I were only with you a day but you taught us a lot on how to fish Almanor.  We will come back next year for a refresher lesson.
Thanks for an enjoyable day.
Michael Priest
San Jose CA
Eagle Lake. The sunrise and sun sets are second to none. If you are just looking for a boat ride and get tired of reeling fish easily do not go fishing with Bryan. He has the tricks for keeping fish coming to the boat. What a great memory he made for myself and two sons. They cannot wait to go again! Bryan is a Fish Whisperer and you will not regret spending a day fishing with him!

Mike Piper
Grass Valley, Ca
Hey Bryan, the Kinghams had an absolute blast fishing with you last week, we couldn't stop talking about how great the experience was.  We got into some huge fish and had a great time doing it.  You have a great way with your clients, an easy manner that really translates well, even at slow fishing times you kept things interesting.  You remembered everyone's name, I don't think you ever called anyone the wrong name not even once!  That's pretty impressive.  You set the bar high for future annual Kingham men fishing expeditions!

Andy Kingham
Seattle, WA
Hi Bryan-
   Both me and my dad wanted to thank you for an awesome time fishing and being great company in the boat. The fish might not have been biting as well as you hoped but you were a great guy to talk to and an excellent spokesmen for the area. You knew your stuff and sold us on fishing the whole norther lake region alot more. It felt like we were fishing with an old fishing buddy and after about 10 seconds we both knew we were in good hands and that you were the kind of guide and friend that a person could not only trust but talk to easily and openly. Appreciate the great time and the ability for me and my dad to add some great memories. We caught some beautiful fish and they not only were fun to catch but even better to eat. We both plan on booking an eagle lake trip with you and you'll definitely hear from us on getting some steaks. Once again thank you and please stay in touch.

Dan Wildeman Livermore, CA

Thanks for a great day of fishing.  Your fishing expertise and knowledge of Lake Almanor made it possible for a super novice like me to catch fish.
Deborah Davis
Reno, Nevada
Bryan: Thanks for the introduction to fishing Eagle Lake. Your knowledge of the area, the expertise of where to go, type of bait to use, the quality of your equipment  and boat made it very enjoyable and easy for the three of us to get our limits for our two days of fishing. Will definitely book again with you and look forward to catching the browns at Lake Almanor in March.

Marchel Nelson
Hollister, CA
LOVE the reports and LOVE fishing with you!!
Limits every lake, every time (we do appreciate how hard you try for us and stay out there to achieve this).
Can't wait for Buck's post-Mother's day next year with you.
Laurie & Robert Brenner
Bryan, thanks for an awesome day. Our first Mack trip but it will not be our last. I think next year we will do Almanor as well.                                                                         Rev. Rick                                                                                                                   Orange Cove Ca.
Hey Bryan,

Thanks again for the awesome time last weekend.  We learned a lot and had a blast.  Definitely looking forward to our next time out with you (Almanor maybe?)
Jim                                                                                                                               Chico CA

Thanks for a good two days of fishing, Josh and I had a great time, and having Josh catch the 25 LB Mack was just the icing on the cake.  Take care, and have a great summer,

Mike                                                                                                                       Salinas CA

Amazing guiding job with the right MOJO for the 106 pound combined weight and 8 for 11 Mackinaw on Mother's Day weekend 2009. Were on target for 2010. By the way smoked Mackinaw with lemon pepper hit the spot. Will be trying your beef soon.

Brian Shontz,    One of the "Mack Brothers"
Davis, California

Thanks for the morning of fishing on Bucks Lake. Kimber and Alex made memories today that will stay with them forever!

Sincerely, Valerie

Hi Bryan!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the great fishing trip! ...........my folks really enjoyed themselves (so did Ed and I) !!  As you can see, my dad really can't use his own boat anymore and he really misses it. This was a good chance for him to relax and remember. If all goes well, we'd like to book Lake Davis with you again next May.
Ed and I are talking about possibly booking an Eagle Lake trip with you this year................ 
Again, thanks for the great time!  You are the best guide we've had in California BY FAR !! 

Dolores Wolfe

Stockton, CA


Just wanted to let you know that Julie and I had a great time. If we ever get a chance to do it again we will give you a call!

Thanks again,

Dave & Julie

Angels Camp, CA

Hey Bryan!

    My wife and I were just talking about the great time we had in June at Bucks Lake. Fishin' with you was so much fun and learned a great deal! And the big trout lunch, well we never could stop eating them!

   We most definitely would like to go with you again! We're looking at a trip maybe late May to Early June at possibly Lake Almanor!  Be in touch soon!!

Gian Marcucci
Tracy, CA

Thanks for another great trip, see you again soon.

Ed Roualdes

San Rafael CA

Hey Bryan-

Thanks for the great fishing trip on Eagle Lake last week. Your a great guide and I learned a lot. I also appreciate you letting me know how things were in the following two days on the lake. I will definitely recommend you for a guide! I have been with a few guides before, and you were the best! I appreciate all your work-

Jeff Carman

Lincoln CA

Hi Bryan,
Want to say thanks soooooo much for the wonderful fishing trip.
Keep up the great work. I will be in touch soon to schedule a trip to Eagle Lake in October. Here are a few pictures.

Greg Hartwick

Sacramento CA

Hi Bryan.

Thanks again for the great fishing trip!   You asked me to remind you to send me the pix of the Mack.  Great times; see you next year! Paul

Paul Beckstrom

Elk Grove CA


Hey I just wanted to drop a note to let you how I felt about the fishing trip on Bucks Lake in June. As I was driving away along the east shore it hit me, "that was a fine day of fishing". I remembered pulling up at the crack of dawn and seeing your boat coming around the point, the only one on the lake was a beautiful sight. The fact that we caught so many fish and your equipment worked great and your boat is comfortable made it a perfect day. The video came out really good too, so I can relive the action over and over again.
          Anyways, thanks for the good work on the guiding. Hope to see you again in the future, maybe for an Eagle Lake trip. I would highly recommend your service to anyone that wants to do some good fishing in Plumas Co. Take Care.

Mark Wolinsky

Santa Cruz, CA\


Thank you so much again for taking me out on Lake Almanor, it was one of the best days I have ever spent on the water. Plus you helped me land the biggest Rainbows Ill probably ever see. My family was more than excited to see my picture on your web site, but when they heard I made it to the cover of Western Outdoor News they really lost it, and so did I. I could never thank you enough for sending that picture in, as you gave me my 15 seconds of fame. It is really funny to me to think that I almost didnt want to go that day because I had no sleep the night before. Boy was it worth it. You really know your stuff! I hope someday we can hit up one of your other lakes together, and maybe I can get on the cover of People Magazine.

                                                                        Sincerely,  John M. Doerring

                                                                                    Reno, NV

Having grown up on Bucks Lake, it has become such a special and unique spot.  I remember fishing Bucks with my grandfather every summer, but after he passed away so did the fishing tips and secrets.  Since, I have been searching for someone who truly knows how to fish this lake day in and out - and Big Daddy has answered the call. 
The guide began at 7 am when the Boulton Powerboat picked us up from our dock.  It was a fisherman's dream boat with four cannon downriggers and an autopilot GPS motor.  Bryan's set-up had made fishing so easy and enjoyable.  As the secrets and tips started to spill out- the fish began to hit.  For the next four hours we had netted nearly thirty five fish.  It was so enjoyable to spend the morning with someone who not only loved to fish more than myself, but who really knew about the history of the area and the lake.   
David Lewandowski
Reno, Nevada
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