Special for Northern California Outdoors Radio Show: Bryan Roccucci

Most fishermen put a lot of thought into their day of fishing. A little pre planning of your time on the boat ramp can go a long way to getting your day off to a good start.

A few things to consider at the boat ramp:

Have your boat ready to launch when you pull on to the ramp. Things such as covers, straps, motors, and fishing gear should be taken care of in the parking lot. Remember some people are faster at launching and recovering than others. There are multi person "teams", with one driving the truck and the other the boat, that may not even have to tie off the boat to the dock and are often times the quickest in and out, to people, like myself, who are most of the time alone and will have to tie off then return to the boat after parking the truck. We all have our little routine we go through, give people plenty of room and time to accomplish it.

If it happens to be dark while you are launching, turn off your headlights while backing down the ramp. There is nothing worse that trying to back your boat down a ramp while being blinded by the person in the next lane who left his lights on.

In the Fall, Winter, and Spring when temperatures are cold donít race up the boat ramp after you have launched. Water that continues to drain off of your trailer will freeze on the ramp making things increasingly difficult as the day goes on. Instead, pull up slowly and stop when your trailer tires just clear the water and allow the trailer to drain. Once drained proceed up the ramp slowly. This will go along way to keeping the ramp from icing up as bad as the day goes along, remember you will most likely have to use the same ramp when you come off the water.

Finally a little common courtesy goes along way. We all want to get on the water as fast as possible to get our chance at that trophy fish. Nothing can ruin the day faster than an incident at the boat ramp.