Lake Tahoe Fishing Report September 18, 2013
One last shot at the Tahoe Kokanee for the year. We shot across the lake and pulled up in the Taylor Creek area in water ranging from 200 to 300 feet deep. The sonar was lit up with Kokanee suspended in the 95 to 110 foot range so down the gear went. I opted to go with two rigs that have really been producing, Watermelon flasher from Pro-Troll with a Drunken Monkey hoochie in tow and the Copper Melon Sling Blade with the Tropical Tiger Uncle Larry's Spinner (AKA The Spumoni Pony) both tipped with garlic scented corn. Down they went and the rods started popping. The bite continues as we filled the fish box with fish that ranged from bright silver to dark red. After several hours Bob said he had never caught a Mackinaw and wanted to try for one. With one hole in his limit left to fill I switched out the Kokanee gear for some flasher/minnow rigs and went in search of some Lake Trout. I took a little while to find some active fish but when we did the rod went down and Bob was on. His first Mackinaw. What a blast the Kokanee fishing was this year at Tahoe. I look forward to the 2014 season.


Lake Tahoe Fishing Report July 30, 2013
An extremely solid summer bite for both the Mackinaw as well as Kokanee has been ramping down for the last several days. The fishing was getting tougher, the bite for the north shore Mackinaw was still on, but we have had a very short window in the morning where the action was good and then we had to really scratch for fish as the days go on. I did find an area out in front of Tahoe City that produced some late morning action, in fact, one day we dropped in on this area and hooked 5 and landed 4 Mackinaw in about an hour, a pretty nice way to wrap up the trip. The Kokanee bite that had been so hot in recient weeks really slowed down. There are fish scattered from Sugar Pine Point all the way down to the Keys but we really had to work for the few we were boating. Im looking for this bite to turn around anytime.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report June 25, 2013
2013 marks the return Big Daddy's Guide Service to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. It has been a while since I have seriously fished this breathtakingly beautiful lake and I am excited to be back. I have been quietly making a few trips to Tahoe over the last few months fine tuning my gear and presentations and now summer is here and so are the clients. The fishing has been great on the lake, over the course of the last two weeks we have had limits to near limits for larger groups of Tahoe's famous Mackinaw and in the last few trips the Kokanee have started to bite. Last week I helped out my good friend Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service, who is just about to take delivery of a beautiful new boat. He had a wedding party booked and needed a ride. We picked up the group at Cave Rock and then headed over to Camp Richardson for some "Red Hot", "Wide Open", "(Insert your own choice of descriptive words here)" Kokanee action. In just about 2 hours of fishing the group hooked a staggering 40 fish. More than once Rick and I found ourselves both at the back of the boat, each with a net in our hands  scooping multiple fish at a time. We kept the nicer grade of fish running a fat and healthy 13 to 14 inches with a few pushing into the 15 inch range and released the others for 5 nice limits of Kokes. The last couple days I have been running combo trips featuring some early morning Mack action, then following a short ride over to the west shore, topping off the day with Kokanee. The combo trips offer not only a variety of fish, but scenery as well. Pictures to follow.

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