Eagle Lake Fishing Report November 22, 2013
The fall bite at Eagle Lake continues to only get better. I have just returned from the lake following some of the best fishing days seen this year. We finally got some cooler temp and even a little rain and snow at the lake which really kicked the fish in to high gear. Surface temps started dropping from 50 degrees down to the low 40's forcing the fish to aggressively start feeding in preparation for the long winter. This translated into spectacular strikes, ripping the line from the downrigger/ outrigger releases and pounding the light rods!, followed by fantastic battles which had fish pulling plenty of line against the drags some circling the back of the boat before finding the net. It just doesn't get any better than that. In addition to the increase in numbers we were seeing and increase in quality as well, with just a few shakers most of the fish went solidly over the 3 pound mark and some even over 4 pounds.

In addition to the light tackle trolling trips I also ran a series of fly fishing excursions and that is when the bite got really serious. The same fish, that just a week ago seemed to be reluctant to get up close and personal, invaded the shallows and lit up our fly rods. I with my groups worked a series of rocky points in the south basin of the lake, and had fish grabbing us right at the leaders as close as 10 feet from shore in as little a 1 foot of water. This being the week prior to Thanksgiving, the "A-team" descended on Eagle as they have for the last ten or eleven years. This is a great group of fly fishermen that make my job a whole lot easier. Bottom line if the fish are there, they will hook them. They were also the subject of a report written by me in 2008 following one of our all time best trips. Some of you regular readers may remember that story, for you that are new to reading these reports here it is.

 The following is based on actually events. It was an unseasonably warm morning for Eagle Lake in November. Myself and four gentlemen known only as the A-team, a secret fishing fraternity, loaded our gear aboard the boat for the first of what was to be three days of fly fishing. The water was like glass as we raced towards our first stop of the morning. We got off to a bit of a slow start, but after moving to some near by fresh water, myself and a member of this elite organization known only as "Sam" got on to some fish. The rest of the team converged and it was "game on" for the rest of the morning with "Tman" doing the most damage.  Just before "soup 30" I took another member of the team code name "Walrus" to scout a near by area for signs of fish life. We moved in quietly on the Minn Kota bow mount and spotted fish cruising the shallows. (Warning: Gratuitous Self Promotion) Following what was a masterful spot by the guide  "Walrus" made a perfect cast and was hooked up. Rather than working this new spot we opted to return to the group and plan our attack over bean soup. We quietly approached from the north and with seal team precision launched our assault. Two members took the lead to the west with the others covering the flanks to the south and north. "Speedy", working the south flank,  locked on to one and from there it was ON! We nearly had them surrounded and the tolls mounted. Day two started off much the same as the first, with only a few fish making a showing. A quick change in location turned that trend around, and in a hurry. After our "red hot" bite tapered off we returned to the same spot we had done so well the day before. While it wasn't dead,  it was far from the action that had spoiled us 24 hours earlier. Again we were on the hunt, "Walrus" joined me as we scouted several other near by rocky points. The glassy water conditions made spotting the fish easy, we knew they were there but would they bite. This time having already had the "soup de jour" I opted to insert "Walrus" directly into the hot zone and then return to pick up the rest of the team. Upon our arrival "Walrus" was hooked up and it wasn't long before we all had fish including a triple hook up. The rate at which we were hooking fish was impressive and just when you thought it couldn't get any better a slight breeze began blowing in our face stirring some chop and wave action on the water and that is when the bite blew up. The fish went ballistic darting in and out of the shallows grabbing anything that resembled food. A full blown feeding frenzy and we were right in the middle of it. On our way in we discussed the may lay we had just been a part of. It was certainly one of the most awesome displays of fly fishing this guide has ever witnessed. The final tally for the day put us at 67 fish with more than 80 being hooked. Absolutely unbelievable!! Day three brought with it some big changes, cooler temperatures and high winds not necessarily the best conditions for fly fishing but the A-team was not deterred. We were very limited in locations we could fish due to the 25 mph winds and gusts to 40 + mph. We did manage some quality fish from some of the same "holes" along with a few new stops. The adverse conditions reminded us how lucky we had been the previous days and how special the day before really was.

Myself and the guys, while having some great days over the years had never had one like the second day of the "three hour tour" in 2008. That was until we splashed down in 2013. Walrus was unable to join us this year, so a new inductee, we will just call him "Jim", came on board for the trip. I wondered was he up to the task? Well it took about 4 casts to find out, as he stood an arms length from the boat and hooked a fish on every throw. Yeah he'll do! I will spare you the details but we all agreed there may not be better still water fly fishing for Rainbows anywhere in the world. I know that is a big statement but you had to be there to truly understand it.

The Forest Service will remove the dock at the Low Water Ramp at Eagle Lake on Monday December 2nd. Between now and then I have a few days left open if you would like to get in on some of this stellar action either from the boat or on the fly rod. If you are interested please contact me for the available dates.

May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 7, 2013
Well the fall fishing season in Northeastern California is under way. The water temps at Eagle Lake are falling and the fish are responding by coming shallow. On recent trips fish have been hooking up along the east and west sides of the lake's south basin. Working the shallow shore lines and points from McDonalds camp to Miners Bay has been the best with darker colored grubs, browns and greens, from the surface to about 8 feet. The fish aren't just holding in the shallows either, a good number of fish are grabbing the gear while making turns out over the open water as well. Look for this action to only get better as we move deeper into fall.

I know there have been a lot of negative reports about Eagle regarding the low water and launching, and the bite back in August/ early September was horrible but this place has always fished the best in the fall and it is just getting going. Launching is still available on the new ramp at the south end and there are plenty of fish to be had. Dates are still available in October and November if you are looking for some light tackle excitement.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 10, 2010

The lake sure has a different look to it after being hit with the recent storms. The clarity is a bit stirred up, and the lake level took a big jump. The rain, snow and wind also drove the water temps back down to the low 40's. What did it do to the fish? Well from what I have seen the fish seemed to be more scattered. My clients, this time of year, have one thing on their minds, BROWNS. I have continued to work the water all along the east shore concentrating on rocky points and outcroppings, we are just having to cover alot more water during the course of the day. So the storms kind of hit the reset button and put us back to what the conditions were like in early March. The big smallies we had been catching pretty much put their fir coats back on and went into hiding. Look for them to get active again as the water warms. The top bait this week was still the black and silver Rapala with a good showing from black and gold as well as the Tui Chub Trophy Stick. I have continued to run the baits covered with Pro-Cure Trophy Trout Scent. The Browns have been running 3 to 5 pounds. Most of the fish I have cleaned have been full of new born smelt indicating the Pond Smelt spawn is on. Look for the bite to continue as we keep trucking through Spring.


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