Bucks Lake Fishing Report August 8, 2013
Bucks Lake just keeps kicking out fish. You can almost pick the kind of  fish you catch by where you fish on the lake. You want Rainbows; better stay in the Bucks Creek arm. If it is Brookies or Browns you are looking for, head to the Mill Creek side of the lake and work the creek arm around towards Rainbow Point. Many areas are holding small Brook Trout and a lot of them, but keep working and you will find areas with more quality fish. How about Kokanee; there are plenty of them from Haskins Channel towards the dam stacked up right now at 40 to 45 feet. What about the Mackinaw; they are out there and on the bite. The larger Macks have been, and are usually tough to come by this time of year, but there are plenty of active 2 to 4 pounders hanging out in some of the deeper spots of the lake. Just in case you are counting that is 5 species of sport fish all in this small but beautiful lake. We have been seeing 20 to 30 fish landed each morning with a number of other fish being lost as well. That is some prime time action! I have been keeping some for the clients and releasing quite a few. Most days we have managed to catch 4 out of the 5 species with several of the days providing the "Bucks Lake Slam" a perfect 5 for 5. Pretty neat to be able to see that kind of variety all in one place. For the trout and Macks I have been working small spoons in 25 to 40 feet of water staying fairly close to the bottom. The Kokanee have been hanging around that 40 foot mark and have been hitting Uncle Larry's Spinners behind dodgers tipped with corn. Bucks Lake really is a hidden gem here in the mountains light pressure (especially this time of year) beautiful scenery, and great fishing.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 17, 2013
What can I say other than Bucks Lake offers some of the most outstanding trout fishing in one of the most beautiful and relaxed environments in this part of the world. I have been running light tackle trolling trips for a combination of fish featuring mostly Rainbows with a few Browns and Kokanee mixed in. The number of fish landed in these outings has been impressive, running between 20 and 40!! fish per trip. This time of year the action in the creek arms of the lake is where it is at, with both Bucks and Mill Creeks kicking out fish sometimes one better than the other. I have been working anywhere between 20 and 40 feet on the Cannon Downriggers for the fish with a variety of small spoons. While these days are fantastic, especially with kids involved in bites like that, there have been a few days that have been "over the top" when I have been able to locate active schools of Mackinaw. I leave it up to the individual clients, but I have yet to have anyone turn down the idea of an extended battle on light gear with a really big fish. When the conditions have been right we have been hooking 3 to 4 of these beasts in addition to the lights out trout fishing. A 15 to 20 minuet tug-o-war with the rod tip being yanked down into the water and line leaving the reel at will, talk about a war to cap off a great day of fishing. The early season Mackinaw action at Bucks is great, and this little burst of summertime action with Macks running 5 to 15 pounds is just the icing on the cake. Pictures to follow as soon as I can.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 1, 2013
Just to round out the weekly tour of some of the best Trophy Trout fishing Northeastern California has to offer it was back to Bucks Lake for some more Trophy Mackinaw action. I hit the water the day before to do a quick scout, and to confirm where the fish were, after all I wanted to get June started off on the right note. It was a typical summer day on the lake, mostly flat conditions with a little light wind from time to time. This was probably the warmest day on the water so far this season. I began working an area that had been holding fish and before I could get all of the details spelled out to the Kingham clan, a rod was going off! 5 minuets into the troll and we are hooked up. Following a nice fight on the light gear, I slid the net under a beautiful 10 pound class Mack. We continued to work the open water in the middle of the lake for 7 more hook-ups and 5 more to the net including fish in the 10, 11, 14 and 16 pound classes as well and a 40 inch 21 pound slob that was involved in an altercation with Nate Kingham. What a day of fishing. Below are some pictures from recent trips, click the picture to see a larger version.

Nate's 21 pounder

"Mackinaw The Wet Sprocket"

Tyler's "Ninja" Mack

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 24, 2013
The bite for Bucks Lake Trophy Mackinaw has been overall pretty solid. There have been a few days that have been tougher than others mainly due to big wind. When we have high winds at the lake boat control can become an issue and it shows up as lower scores of fish. Days without wind we are seeing 6 to 8 trophy fish per day, when the wind comes in it is more like 2 to 4 per day.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 6, 2013
The lake is open and fishing pretty good. Lake levels are down a little bit, especially compared to the last few years. There is not much in the way of snow left around the lake and certainly no ice on the water with the surface temps running in the mid 50's. The weather has been beautiful with the exception of the last couple days when some unstable air and thunder showers descended on the area. The weather did cooperate to the point that it didn't come in until the afternoons and left the mornings quiet and fishable. Everything is biting on the lake right now Browns, Bows, Kokanee and we even landed a small Brookie the other day but the big focus has been on the Trophy Mackinaw. The bite for the big fish has been a little spotty over the last few weeks but has settled in to be pretty consistent. The Macks have been moving around the lake feeding on everything from Kokanee to Midges that have been hatching in big numbers. We have been landing limits of trout and 3 to 5 trophy fish each day out. The Macks are hitting a variety of plugs, spoons and even flies fished from the surface to 50 feet. Click on the pictures for a larger view. No fish were harmed in the taking of the photos, all were released to fight another day.  A special hello to Jeanette wish you guys were here.



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