Lake Almanor Fishing Report November 4, 2013
The fall bite continues to be solid at Lake Almanor with chilly mornings followed up by beautiful warm sunny afternoons. The shallow bite is where it is at right now with all of our fish coming in the top 6 feet of water over both the shallows and the deeper parts of the east and west shore. These fish are on the move cruising looking for their next meal of pond smelt. The fish are somewhat scattered so covering water has been the key. Our fish our hitting a variety of color pattern spoons from dark greens and blacks to bright silvers and gold. Gear in and go.

I will be spending some time during the middle of this month up at Eagle Lake running both my standard light tackle trolling trips as well as some fly fishing excursions. Despite all the negative press and low water the fishing at Eagle has been great with solid numbers and light fishing pressure. I still have several days available during this mid November run at Eagle Lake. If you are interested in a great late fall season fishing trip get a hold of me asap and we can lock it down.

Now there is only one thing.....okay two things..........Let me start over. There are very few things that can keep me away from the outstanding fall trout fishing we have here in northeastern California and fresh Dungeness Crab is one. This last Saturday marked the Crab opener for us out of Bodega Bay. We took a chance and headed down with an "iffy" forecast for big wind and ugly conditions. Well we hit the jackpot! Saturday's weather was flat and foggy as we hauled full pot after full pot of "Jumbo Dungies" before the wind finally did pick up and close the window for us.

4th Fish 4 Pounds

Paul's Chunky Brown

Jumbo Dungies!

Full Tote!


Lake Almanor Fishing Report October 20, 2013
You know for sure the fall bite is on when the fish are on the surface and that is where we have been catching them. In fact the deepest fish we have hooked up this week has been a salmon at 18 feet, it became the second fish of a double hook up. Most of the fish have been coming from the surface to 10 feet. Most of my time has been spent on the east side of the lake but one day this week we made a few passes on the west side and were rewarded with some beautiful fish. It was late morning when we dropped in just north of Rocky Point and in about 20 minuets of trolling north we had a 4 pound Bow and a 3.5 pound Brown and let me tell you these fish are hitting like freight trains, ripping the line out of the outrigger releases and screaming drag off the reels. If you add in a few aerobatic leaps you have the right combination for exciting fall fishing, and we are just getting started. Look for the next few months to be action packed with some of the best fishing of the year.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report September 27, 2013
The fishing at Almanor in the last week of so has taken a turn for the better. We have been on a consistent bite along the east shore still fishing down 38 to 42 feet. It seems a little deep for this time of year but that is where the best bite has been, and early in the morning has been an advantage. We have been fishing a variety of spoons in minnow patterns and gold and red, but the hot producers have been frog patterns. I have been coating the spoons up with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel, sinking them down on the Cannon Downriggers and waiting for the next big slam as these fish are absolutely hammering the baits. Today was a great morning, limits of fat healthy Bows and Salmon with a few smaller ones released.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report September 15, 2013
The fishing at Almanor has been a little up and down as the lake's fish struggle with the transition from summer to fall. Most of our better fish have been coming from the deeper water along the east shore in the 35 to 40 foot range working a combination of smelt imitating soft plastics, some naked and some behind dodgers. We have also managed to pick up a few fish very shallow after they have pushed the pond smelt up against the rocky shore line. The catch has been made up of mostly Bows and Salmon with an occasional Brown showing up. The fish have been running 2 to 4 pounds.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report August 4, 2013
Just to keep things interesting I have been popping into Almanor from time to time this summer for a change of scenery and to put my clients on some of the quality fish that roam these waters. For most of the summer the lake has been fishing a little up and down just 10 days ago the bite was red hot, then took a big dive sending boats all over the lake looking for fish willing to bite. As of now the lake is fishing pretty well for a mix of mostly Bows and Salmon with a few Browns mixed in, we have been seeing 12 to 15 fish mornings with the sizes running 2.5 to 3.5 pounds with a kicker or two in the 4 to 6 pound class.  The fish have, for the most part, switched back to a smelt based diet so lures and presentations the look like smelt are getting chewed on. This has actually been part of the problem with the bite, the fish are so stuffed they really don't have to chase more food and when they do, often times it will be a "half hearted" attempt at an attach which results in lost fish due to poor hook ups. When things get like this I find it best to abandon all the "Bling"  like flashers and dodgers and go with simple, small baits that resemble the natural food and fish them slow. I have been slow rolling soft plastics in areas along the peninsula and the east shore that are holding fish from 35 to 45 feet down with good results. Hopefully this bite will only get better as the water continues to cool and we move closer to the fall time.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report May 29, 2013
Quality, Quality, Quality!! That is what Lake Almanor has been giving up to us. We hit the water today under partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze for some outstanding action on about a 50/50 mix of Browns and Bows with one King showing up as well. The fish were a bit scattered at a variety of depths from 20 to 45 feet along the peninsula and while I would stop short of calling it a wide open bite it was pretty consistent and the quality was well worth it. Today our fish ranged from 3 to several Browns and a Bow being over the 5 pound mark. You know its gonna be a good day when the first fish of the morning, a Bow over 4 pounds slams the Arctic Fox Tube fly at 20 feet and immediately starts tail walking on the surface! The Foxes as well as soft plastics were the "fish getters" today with the fish fighting tough and some fantastic extended battles. Beware of the dink Rainbows, fresh out of the pens at Hamilton Branch, we managed to avoid them by fishing deeper only seeing one which we quickly released. I saw several other boats fishing what looked like flasher/crawler rigs up shallower and they were getting mugged by the little guys. While flasher rigs will catch fish, and have for many years, they really are not my thing. No matter how small they are the still put a heavy pull on the line and deaden the fight of the fish, by fishing smaller baits and precisely targeting the fish you can have success and avoid all the hardware.

On another note, despite the time line stated by the USFS indicating they hoped there would be a new dock in place at the Canyon Dam boat ramp by Memorial weekend, it still has yet to show up. At this point your guess is as good as mine as to when we will see it.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report May 13, 2013
The solid spring time trout action is going strong for some really quality fish. Browns to over 5 pounds and healthy salmon pushing the 3 pound mark with an occasional Bow depending on where we have been fishing. I have been sticking to the east shore working water in the 30 to 45 foot range with fish grabbing us from the top all the way to the bottom. Today it was limits with all of the fish running between 3 and 5.5 pounds as well as a beautiful Brown that almost made it to the net that looked to tip the scales in the 8 to 9 pound range. 2013 has been an outstanding year here at Almanor and it looks to just keep producing.

What a way to start the morning!


Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 22, 2013
Warm spring temperatures and big bug hatches had the fish of Lake Almanor just about jumping into the boat. I have been running trips along the east shore near Lake Cove and Dorado with excellent results on a mix of Browns to 3 pounds and Bows to 4.5 pounds but the big stars have been the lake's King Salmon mostly running a fat 19 to 22 inches making up 90% of our catch. There have been a few salmon over that 22 inch size making it to our nets as well. Limits on the boat have been the rule, as well as a number of fish released each day with most days seeing over 20 fish and some days more than 30. Single, double and even a few triple hook-ups have made for some exciting fishing.  Action is taking place from the surface to 55 feet on the Cannon Downriggers with the bite moving deeper as the days go along. This is almost as good as spring time fishing can get. Our best baits have been spoons in minnow patterns as well as some red and gold patterns loaded with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel.

Check out Kate's Monster King! This girl can fish.

A few from day Two



Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 11, 2013
Looks like last weekend's weather forecast kept a lot of people off of Almanor as we saw very few other boats out on the water over the last week. While most people opted to stay on shore and talk fishing we were out getting it done. The spring brown bite continues to be good to great sometimes taking longer to find the fish from day to day. The east shore is still kicking out some nice Browns for my clients but the numbers have been steadily decreasing. The west shore however has been picking up the slack in a big way, with lots of hook ups on nice Browns running 3 + pounds on average with some larger ones in the mix. Right now 90 percent of our catch have been browns with a few nice Bows and some Smallies or "SMB" also tagging our lures. The fish are still eating smelt as well as copious amounts of bugs that continue to hatch when the weather allows. The little front that pushed through over the weekend brought light rain cooler temps and by Monday when it was on the way out BIG WIND!

We had a great day on Sunday catching not only beautiful Browns but some of the biggest SMB I have seen all year, in fact if you totaled the weight of the 5 bass we landed it would have been over a 26 pound limit, good enough to win any Bass tournament on the lake! I met the same group Monday morning for day two. I knew the wind was coming so we were unsure about our chances to get out and fish. The lake was ugly and un-fishable and when trees started falling in the parking lot we took the hint and called it a day without wetting a line.

Tuesday was a little better for wind we got out on the lake and fished hard in all the areas that were protected from what was 20 to 25mph winds out of the NE with only a few nice fish to show for our efforts. I kept looking towards the west shore where I knew there were Browns to be had. Late in the morning I finally made the call to head west and just deal with the wind and waves that were pounding the shoreline. Once we dropped in it didn't take long and we were Fish On! We spent a few hours hitting one Brown after another. Like I said earlier you can sit on shore and talk about fishing or get out there and get after them. The wind and cooler temps also helped to lower the lake's surface temps a few degrees which will only help this bite to continue.

In other news I will be at the North State Sportsman Expo this Saturday and Sunday April 13th and 14th. If you are there stop by the booth. I will also be hosting 2 seminars each day in Building "C". At 12:30 it will be Lake Almanor The Early Season covering all the things you have read in these reports for the last few months. At 2:30 Fall Fishing at Eagle Lake covering tips and techniques to deal with the lower water level and catch trophy Eagle Lake Bows. If you like to fish either of these lakes or would just like more information, these seminars are a must see and loaded with useful information to make you a better angler. I will also have the latest round of the Grundens HD Hoodies available at the show. Many of you have been asking for them and they are now in stock and ON SALE! That's right, to kick spring into high gear, the hoodies are now$50.00 each $10 off the regular price and for show goers that price includes tax. If you cant come to the show and you would like to order one, just shoot me an email and I will send it direct to you. Available in Black Small to XXL, featuring the BDGS logo on the front and "Size Does Matter" on the back.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 5, 2013
The spring bite at Lake Almanor continues to be solid. I have been running a variety of trips in recent days depending on the clients wishes, some targeting specifically trophy Browns and others just looking for a nice day of fishing no matter what species of fish might be involved. That is the beauty of running private charters, it allows me to really cater to each individual group and custom tailor a trip to match their needs. Brown trips this week have seen solid numbers of quality fish, working both the east and west shores, targeting areas that they like to feed. The usual Rapalas in black and silver and gold have been getting the job done. With the water warming into the mid 50's most days we have also been hooking some pretty nice Smallies or (SMB's) as well, while they are not our prime target, they sure do put up a heck of a fight. The female SMB are moving in ahead of spawning time, so it is nice to get the ride out of them then return them to the lake. How do you tell a female SMB from a male you might ask? By lifting up its tail of course.... Not really, the female SMB are larger and this time of year with their egg sacks packed, their bellies will be much more full and round while the males are smaller and have a much more slender waist line. In addition to the Trophy Brown trips I have also run some days out over the open water on the downriggers catching mostly Rainbows and Salmon. This fishing is a little more relaxed but the battles have been great. The Salmon are in good shape running 17 to 20 inches with a few of the younger 12 and 13 inch "rats" running around as well. The Bows are also on the bite, and this time of year the more bugs they eat the better they fight. We have been catching these fish on a variety of tackle from including minnow pattern spoons and Arctic Fox Tube Flies. The weather has been a little un-settled, but that is spring time in the mountains, overall it has been excellent. Look for the good weather and good fishing to continue.

Deb with a nice Salmon before releasing it.

Shannon's personal best Brown


Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 29, 2013
Just a quick update today due to a busy fishing schedule. The bite over the course of the last week has been pretty solid, just a little up and down, probably due to the unsettled weather patterns that have been moving across the area as well as that big bright full moon. I have been continuing to work the shallows of the east shore as well as some spots on the west side with Rapalas for a pretty solid pick of quality Browns. Understand we are chasing a moving target as I mentioned in previous reports, where you find fish one day you may not find them the next but we are being rewarded for our efforts. The water temps have been running in the mid to high 40's depending on the time of day and location on the lake, so it looks like this bite should continue.

Today we had one heck of a day of fishing, hooking more than 20 fish and landing 19 by noon. No wall hangers today just a steady stream of nice Browns in the 3 to 3.5 pound range one nice Salmon and few Smallmouth Bass or "SMB's". The conditions were perfect as far as I was concerned, a fog layer covered the lake for most of the morning and kept the bright sun from hitting the flat glassy water. On the way in, the fog lifted and it was a beautiful ride back to the ramp with the lightly snow covered face of Mount Lassen gleaming in the sun light.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 20, 2013
Welcome to Spring.....officially. Despite what the calendar says, spring has been here for the last week with un-beatable weather conditions for some prime trophy trout fishing. If you are thirsty for some premium Brown Trout action, now is the time. Following my last report, the fishing we have been experiencing on my boat continued to be great with plenty of hook-ups and battles with Almanor's Brown Trout population. New this week; we haven't seen any more Rainbows, but we really aren't fishing in areas that they would be. It's either that, or they are fearing for their lives, because these big Browns are aggressive. We also have started to see just a few of the lake's Small Mouth Bass, or "SMB" as they are known, a sure sign that they think spring is on the way. Our fish this week have run between 3 and 5 pounds and have been stuffed with pond smelt. It is obvious when cleaning them, the record so far has been 35 pond smelt in a single fish, but even the fish we have been releasing are spitting them up on the way to the boat, and while removing the hooks.

I have continued to cover a lot of water along the east shore, with the fish and bait moving around from day to day. The water clarity is just ok, certainly not the clearest water on the lake but that isn't stopping the fish from whacking our lures. Rapalas as well as a few other plugs, simply run by themselves, covered in Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel, in a variety of colors have been getting all of the attention. No dodgers or flashers needed, these fish are able to hunt and feed in all kinds of water conditions, just ask the pond smelt we pulled out of that 4 pound brown. 35 pond smelt and not one dodger!

As I'm writing this we are seeing a little front push through bringing cooler temperatures and some needed rain. The snow level is extremely high with this one so look for the rain to increase the run off from what little snow is left around the lake and cool water temps just a bit. Then it is back to warm and sunny according to the forecast.

Despite the dry winter the lake level is in good shape being higher than average for this time of year with the exceptions of last year (really high) and in 2006. Plenty of water for the fish.

Unabomber Browns

Josh with one of the "SMB's"

Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 13, 2013
The spring Brown bite is ON!! If you have been waiting to book a trip and get in on some of this stellar spring Brown action, now is the time. The warm day time temperatures have Lake Almanor moving rapidly into spring mode, and the Browns have answered the call. These beautiful fish are on the move, actively seeking out their favorite meal this time of year, Pond Smelt. My clients and I have been enjoying a steady pick of quality hard tugging Browns from 3 to 7.5 pounds in recent trips as well as a few smaller over ambitious fish , along with just a few Bows in the 3 to 4 pound class. This is what spring fishing is supposed to be like, a "down and dirty" rod in your hands battle. The look on someone's face when the first Brown of the morning lights them up is priceless, and falls somewhere between terror and elation. Very rarely do I get the opportunity to actually catch a fish while out on the lake, that's the clients job, but this week, even I got the chance to get in on the action, fighting a gorgeous 27 inch 7+ pound brown to the boat.  Our weapons of choice have been Rapalas in a variety of colors loaded with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel fished from the surface down to 10 feet. The weather has been un-beatable with cool mornings giving way to warm, t-shirt weather in the afternoons and almost no wind. To make the days even more enjoyable, the boat traffic has been very light. Judging by a handful of trailers in the parking lot, I know there are a few out there but we haven't been seeing them, the radio has been dead quiet as well.

With multiple Browns in the 5,6,7, 8, and 10 pound classes already boated so far this year, don't miss the chance to land your trophy, spring 2013 is shaping up to be one heck of a ride. I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Even I Got In On The Action

A Nice Pair For Steve



Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 27, 2013
As I predicted Lake Almanor's east shore just keeps kicking out fish. We hit the water and dropped our gear in right in front of the dam. This is the area that is usually on fire this time of year, however this year that bite has yet to really take off and at this point I'm wondering if it will. Working my usual cocktail of pond smelt imitating lures produced a few fat Bows from 5 to 30 feet down. Without much in the way of bait or fish on the sonar I quickly made a move up the east shore looking for the groups of salmon and bait that had been providing the bulk of our stellar action on recent trips. The fish and bait are actively cruising the lake so where you find them one day may be empty the next. After marking some fish and bait off of several rock points we settled in for a pretty steady bite made up of fat Kings in the 17 to 19 inch range as well as one other Bow. The fish were 40 to 50 feet down and seemed to be enjoy hammering the Arctic Fox Tube Flies as well as the spoons. With three limits to the boat and a half a dozen other hook-ups we called it a day and headed back under sunny skies and a light breeze.

From time to time I do enjoy experimenting with new products, some commercially available and others are sent to me by manufactures for evaluation before they are produced and marketed. Today I deployed a new device on one of my Cannon Digitroll Downriggers that was developed by a friend of mine, a "mad scientist" of sorts, when it comes to tackle and fishing equipment manufacturing. I imagine this person, lets call him "Dave" (Name has been changed to protect innocent fish) sitting in his laboratory with pots bubbling, electrodes sparking and some very large nasty looking switches on the wall, feverishly working away on the next "silver bullet" fish whacking device. Well based on our results today I would say he has created a monster. I wish I could disclose the exact details of this device to you but a confidentiality agreement prevents me from doing so at this time. For now all I can say based on my out results today is that it was "The Nuclear Option" and apparently King Salmon love it. Stay tuned for more details on this device as I do further testing and it becomes commercially available.

Coming up this weekend March 1st, 2nd and 3rd is the Northern California Sport Boat and RV show at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson. This year as in years past I will be located in the Shasta Hall. Stop by the booth, see pictures and video from our 2012 fishing season as well as take advantage of show special pricing on trips for 2013. I will also be presenting "Lake Almanor The Early Season" in the Sportsmen's Theater located in the Trinity Hall Saturday at 1:00 pm. This information packed seminar is full of tips and tricks to make you more successful fishing lake Almanor during the winter and spring months. I look forward to seeing you at the show and on the water.

Stan with a pair of nice Kings



Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 23, 2013
Big wind from the northwest and the desire to harvest Dungeness Crab from the floor of the Pacific at Bodega Bay kept me off of Lake Almanor for a few days. I left the fish biting at an incredible pace last week, with trips featuring double, triple, and even four way hook-ups, and am looking forward to getting back after them. I will continue to work the east shore of Almanor finding fish that have balled up the pond smelt and are actively feeding. The hot tickets for me this time of year are always things that do a good job of imitating the natural bait fish, including minnow pattern spoons, and Arctic Fox Tube Flies. The bulk of our catch has been the lake's King Salmon running from 17 to 21 inches with a few smaller ones in the mix as well as a few fat browns in the 3 pound range.

Bodega Bay Dungeness


Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 16, 2013

The ice just won't seem to go away, at least not for good. Cold overnight temperatures and windless days have skin ice covering most of the lake in the morning with the warm afternoon sun melting it back as the day goes along. Most of the ice is no more than a quarter inch thick, however today we did find some as thick as 3/8". How is the fishing? In a word Fantastic! We have continued to fish along the east shore of the lake targeting fish that are actively feeding on the pond smelt, with results that range from great to stellar, with most of the catch being made up of King Salmon along with some Browns and even a Rainbow now and then. Most of the Kings have been running 17 to 19 inches with a few smaller rats around 13 inches that we have been releasing. The Browns have been going 2 to 4 pounds and are fat and healthy. Limits of quality fish have been the rule, with the smaller grade of fish being released. Today we hooked over 20 fish in 2.5 hours keeping 3 limits, releasing a few and loosing a few in a morning that featured multiple double hook-ups, a triple hook-up and even a quad hook-up. Four fish on, only 3 clients to fight fish and one net man, me, now that's some exciting fishing. In and effort to "match the hatch" I have been running gear that does a good job of imitating the natural food of the fish, pond smelt. That means minnow pattern spoons along with Arctic Fox Tube flies in the pond smelt pattern, along with a few other offerings from time to time. Scent is always a good idea and these baits have had liberal doses of Pro-Cures Trophy Trout Gel. Most of our fish have come in the deeper ranges of 30 to 50 feet with only a few being caught shallower, and with the number of hook-ups my clients are seeing the Cannon Digitroll downriggers are getting quite a work out. Click on the pictures to see a larger version. Look for this good bite to continue unless the ice runs me out again. I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Anthony says "Thumbs Up!"

2 of the 3 limits taken


Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 11, 2013

The ice that has been covering the waters of Lake Almanor is GONE, and the fishing is ON!! I have been successfully able to launch for the last four days out of the Canyon Dam Boat Ramp and we have had the whole lake to ourselves. The mornings have been cold but the afternoons nice with lots of bright sun and moderate winds depending on your location on the lake. Last week there was a fair amount of open water to fish but it required a little icy navigation. Most of the ice we broke through was fairly rotten and we moved easily through it, however, there was some harder sheets out there. Crazy?? Well some might think that, but what was the other option? Sit at home when there are fish to be caught? No, I like option "B" get out and get after them. The fish have not been in their typical winter pattern so it did take a little searching to find them.  Once found, they have been putting on a pretty good show for us. King Salmon in the 17 and 18 inch range with some attitude, Rainbows to 4.5 pounds and Browns mostly in the 3 pound class. Fish have been falling to a combination of Arctic Fox Tube Flies in the Pond Smelt Pattern as well as minnow pattern spoons, loaded up with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel and fished at various points along the east shore. The action has been happening all over the place from the surface down to 50 feet. With the water temps topping out at 38 degrees, some of the fish are hitting light but it is not stopping them from putting up some fantastic fights. Stay tuned, things are just getting started here at Almanor.

Yesterday after boating a solid number of Kings as well as a nice Bow the number one rod went off and the fight was ON! When it was over, 20 minuets later I slid the net under a beautiful 10 pound 6 ounce Brown!! Joe Ringer of Monterey was the lucky angler who did battle with the beast. Once safely in the net and on board Joe was heard to say "That's what I do" (It wasn't the first time he had landed the largest fish of the trip.) Congratulations Joe it was a pleasure to net that fish for you. Click on the pictures below to see a larger version.

Deadliest Catch? No Lake Almanor

First Kings of 2013

Joe's 10lb 6oz Brown


Lake Almanor Fishing Report January 27, 2013

As I predicted the last little storm front that moved through, with it's winds and warmer temperatures, did in fact take care of the ice that had skinned over the eastern basin of Lake Almanor. We hit the water today to check out the lake, put some hours on the new 9.9 Yamaha kicker motor and fine tune some new electronics; oh yeah and do a little fishing! I covered a fair amount of water from the dam all the way up to Big Cove and back, seeing very little ice in the process. Basically the ice is confined to the backs of the coves and in shady areas that get very little sun. The water is up but I noticed very little debris floating around the lake on our cruise, just a few small branches floating on the surface, that said it is always a good idea to keep your eyes up looking for it this time of year. We never made it around the Peninsula to check out the water in the north west basin of the lake but sources tell me there is still quite a bit of ice up that way which is typical for the lake while we are in this colder winter pattern. There were about a dozen people fishing from the shore at the ramp and Geritol cove but I only heard a few stories of success. Like I said we did manage to wet a few lines while out on this working cruise and were rewarded with some rainbow action on Rapalas and orange Arctic Fox trolling flies from the surface to 15 feet. The fish were a nice bonus but not the focus of the trip, that, however, that is all about to change. Those of you who have fished with me in the past know how good this winter bite can be and I plan to take advantage of it. Stay tuned for more information as this bite develops and goes into full swing.

In other news, the situation of the Canyon Dam launching facility and the boat dock that had been removed sounds like it is still a little up in the air. You may recall the dock was removed last month due to safety concerns and at one point the powers that be decided that the facility's access road and parking lot would not be maintained during the winter months. Here is the latest; The road and parking lot are being plowed allowing access to both shore based anglers as well as people wishing to launch boats on the ramp without the use of a dock. I spoke with a representative from the US Forest Service who told me plans for a new replacement dock are in the works but at this point they were not sure if it was going to be replaced by the Forest Service or Cal Boating and Waterways. The best time line they could give me was that there would be a dock in place no later than the Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. My hope is that it will be replaced earlier but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

For you north state anglers and sportsmen The Nor-Cal Sport Boat and RV show is just about a month away so mark your calendars for March 1-3 at the Shasta District Fairgrounds. Stop by my booth in the Shasta Hall and say hello, check out pictures and videos from the 2012 season and book 2013 trips with Show Special discounts. I will also be hosting a seminar each day, revealing tips and tricks to being successful at Lake Almanor during the winter and spring. I look forward to seeing you there.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report January 22, 2013

A big Thank You to all of you who stopped by the booth at the Sacramento ISE show, and there were a lot of you. (It took my four days to get my voice back following the show) It is always great to put faces with the names and to see old friend as well as make some new ones. This year's ISE show was my most successful one; ever and I owe it all to you, my clients, and your support. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on the water in 2013.

 Well things are not happening as fast as I would like here at Lake Almanor mainly due to the cold temps we have been experiencing here in Northeastern California. There has been some fishing to be had when the ice on the surface of the lake allows. Thin skin ice has been forming every night from the Canyon Dam launch out into the east basin blocking access. During many of the sunny days the ice has been retreating allowing anglers access to the water, however as of Monday the 21st it had locked up pretty good. Hopefully, this little front moving in, will help to warm up temperatures and take care of that ice and allow us back on the water by the end of the week. Despite some reports the Canyon Dam Boat Ramp is plowed and open but the dock has been removed with no ETA on being replaced. As long as you are able to launch and retrieve you boat with out a dock you are good to go, once this ice goes away. I recommend you have four wheel drive and watch the road coming in, as it is still white and slippery. I look forward to having some good news and some fish stories by the next report.

New Year Report January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!! It is hard to believe that 12 is over and 13 is already under way. Things have been busy here in Northeastern California. I have taken some time off the water to complete a major re-fit of my 23 foot Boulton Power Boat. The project has included, new Cannon Downriggers, new electronics and antennas, a completely new canvas package, and a new kicker motor, as well as many other tweaks and changes to bring it back to the top of its game so it can continue its legacy on the waters of the Northern Sierras. The fish have gotten off easy the last couple of months, while the work was underway, but that is all about to change. It is time to fish!

This year as in years past I will be attending several Northern California sport shows, beginning with the International Sportsmans Expo at Cal Expo next week January 10 to the 13. This is the biggest show of its type in California. Its kind of like starting off your season with the Super Bowl, Exciting! I have been doing this show for many years and it is always great to get out and see all of my old friends and clients, as well as make some new ones. As in years past I will be in the same booth #3434 in the Sportfishing Hall. Stop by the booth and say hello, check out pictures and video from 2012 and take advantage of Show Special pricing on 2013 trips. I will also have the Grundens Heavy Duty Hoodies for sale. If you are a fan of pull over hooded sweat shirts, and you don't have one of these, you don't know what you are missing. The best and toughest hoodie money can buy. I look forward to seeing you at the show.

Following the show it is back on the water with Wintertime trout trips at Lake Almanor, and what can be some of the most outstanding fishing of the year. A mixed bag of Browns and Bows that are cruising the water in search of their next meal of Pond Smelt. The bite is intense and at times a little bit hectic with multiple hook ups of hot fish bending the rods and testing the drags.

New for 2013 will be the Summertime Mackinaw trips at Lake Tahoe. Early mornings on the "Jewel of the Sierras" can produce some of the states best Mackinaw fishing during the months of June, July and August. The North Shore is the place to be with departures from Tahoe City as well as dock side pick ups at various locations. Stay tuned for more information and details.

2013 looks to be a great year of fishing and I look forward to seeing you on the water.

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