End of Year and Holiday Report

Well 2011 came in like a lion but is sure leaving like a lamb. Here in Northeastern California we have had almost no rain or snow to speak of, but it looks like a white Christmas if you count the frost covering from overnight temps in the teens and 20's. I'm looking forward to a little down time and spending the holidays with family and friends. I will be kicking off 2012 with the Sacramento International Sportsmen's Expo at Cal Expo from January 19th to the 22nd. Please stop by and see us in booth number 3434 in the Sportfishing Hall. If you still haven't got your hands on one of the Grundens Heavy Duty Hoodies, I will have them in the booth. These are the best hoodies you will ever own. Following the ISE show it will be back on the water at Lake Almanor for some great winter trout fishing, followed by spring Trophy Mackinaw at Bucks Lake in May and of course the fall bite at Eagle Lake in October and November. I look forward to seeing all my friends and clients at the show and on the water in 2012. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Eagle Lake Fishing Report November 27, 2011

That's a wrap!!! Eagle Lake 2011 is in the books. We left the fish on the bite, my final trips of this season found good action on fish in both the middle and south basins. Orange grubs were the hot bait and 7 feet was the key depth. The last few days were spent beating up the fish found on the south east side of the middle basin, north of the Youth Camp. There were plenty of fish in there to keep the rods bent. Last week I did venture down to the south end of the lake to fish, in an effort to get some relief from the big south wind. The results were well worth the trip, as we managed fish from Gallitin to Wildcat and just about everywhere in between. As I mentioned before orange grubs were the only baits we ran scented with Pro-Cure's Freshwater Shrimp Oil. Several small storm fronts in the last week have done a great job at keeping the water from freezing over, last year at this time there was 4 inches of ice in the Spaulding Marina. As long as we don't get a big blast of cold air from the north the waters should remain open and the fish on the bite. I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a good wet winter and another increase in Eagle's water level, every little bit helps.

I will be running a few trips on Almanor over the course of December and January, weather permitting. If you are interested contact me for availability.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 30, 2011

The Eagle Lake Trout are finally settling in to a typical fall pattern, or are they? Well on recent trips I have been fishing all over the lake, and usually never the same place twice, in an effort to stay on top of the moving fish. I have fished both the east and west shores of the south basin as well as the areas in the middle basin for some pretty solid days. I really hadn't fished up north due to a huge amount of grass on the surface that made trolling all but impossible. When you get a number of windless days, like we had last week, the grass patties can get pretty dense and choke out areas. I knew there were fish up there, and good quality ones at that, we just couldn't get at them, that is until some wind returned and cleaned the surface up. Sure enough mid week we started picking up some east and south east wind that pushed all the grass out of the north narrows and the fishing was ON!! The morning bite has been the best, tapering off as the day goes along. I had been fishing mostly watermelon grubs down south but up north it is all and orange thing. The 2 inch variety have been my best producers all though I have caught a few on the 3 inch size. I have been coating the baits with both Trophy Trout Gel as well as Freshwater Shrimp Oil both from Pro-Cure. Early in the week most of the limit fish were full of Tui Chubs but in the last few days they have been stuffed exclusively with shrimp. I have been running the gear a long way behind the boat as the conditions up north are shallow and clear, it is not uncommon to spot cruising fish in front or along side the boat once the sun has hit the surface of the lake. The water depth up in the north runs from 0 to about 7 feet and while the 3 and 4 foot water will kick out a fish or two in the early morning the 7 foot range is where we have been having our best success, fishing 5 feet down. The fish have been running from the high 2's to the high 3 pound range with a few bumping up to the 4 pound mark which for this year are great fish. The weather has been cooperating with a few chilly mornings but the days have been warm under mostly sunny skies, all in all some pretty outstanding fall fishing.

If you would like to get in on some of this great fall trout fishing I still have some dates available between now and Thanksgiving, don't miss your chance. Call or Email me today.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 16, 2011

The Eagle Lake bite continues to improve. I have continued to fish the east side of the middle basin with the action being very good in the early morning and slacking off just a bit as the day goes on. The best baits for us continue to be the 2 inch watermelon grubs. I have made several moves up into the north end with good results. There finally seems to be a fair number of fish up there and they haven't been shy about slamming the rigs. Up north orange 2 and 3 inch grubs seem to be getting the most attention. On Fridays trip we pulled in up north for a change of scenery about 11am and found a great bite with all the fish being quality, including a 22 inch 4 pound beauty that was our final fish of the day. What a way to wrap things up! It is not to late to get in on some of this exciting fall fishing, there are still dates available between now and Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned there is sure to be more hot action to come.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 9, 2011

Today was lights out fishing, four limits of solid keepers by 9:30am! The fishing has been a little up and down as the wind seems to have the lake and the fish stirred up. The predominate wind direction has been out of the south, luckily there have been some nice fish holding along the south edges of the lake allowing us to fish the protected waters. Good numbers of fish continue to move north as we progress into fall but the bite in the northern basins is still a little soft. Our best producing rigs have been 2 inch watermelon grubs topped with Pro-Cures Trophy Trout Gel and run from 3 to 5 feet down on the Cannon Downriggers. Most of the fish are running in the 2.5 to 3.5 pound class with some fish landing just short of the 4 pound mark. Look for things to only get better as we move deeper into fall. If you haven't already books a trip and want to get in on some of this exciting fishing on one of our light tackle trolling trips or a fly fishing adventure, contact me soon. There are still dates available between now and Thanksgiving.



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