Bucks Lake Fishing Report September 19, 2011

We were back out after trout over the weekend The cloudy cooler temperatures last week have lowered the surface temp of the lake by 2 degrees, now starting out at 68 in the mornings and hitting 70 when the sun stays on the water for a while. We found the best action in the Bucks Creek arm of the lake and near Right and Left Hand Creek, kicking out a mix of Browns and Bows with a few of the lake's larger Kokanee mixed in. While some of the Kokes were fairly clean and bright several other males were heavily colored up indicating a move up the creek to spawn is not far off. I worked the edges of the old channels in the 35 to 45 foot range keeping the gear with in 5 feet of the bottom. Top producer were the UV Cripplure and the frog colored Needlefish, we also landed fish on watermelon and fire tiger colored spoons. The trout were running up to 15 inches with a few nice kickers in the 18 to 20 inch range. I purposely stayed out of the Mill Creek area as it is loaded with 8 to 12 inch Brookies. No doubt there are some nicer Browns and Bows in Mill but the mass of small Brookies are so aggressive it is hard to get your baits to them, that said it is a great place to take kids for some off the charts action to keep their interest peaked. They will hit just about anything trolled in the 25 foot range or bait fished just off the bottom.

Only a couple weeks left in my Bucks Lake Season for 2011, at the first of October it is off to Eagle Lake for the Fall Action!!! Dates are still available in October and November at Eagle please contact me for availability and to set up you personal fishing adventure.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report September 5, 2011

Is summer really over?? You sure cant tell by the weather or the conditions at Bucks Lake. We hit the water over the long weekend in search of Kokanee at Bucks. The bite for these fish has been very up and down this summer, so much so, I really haven't run to many trips for them opting instead to take advantage of the great summer trout bite. The trout trips have been producing 20 to 30 fish each morning with the bag being a mix of Bows, Browns and Brookies and an occasional Kokanee. This weekend was all about the Kokanee. We hit the water and dropped our gear over what is the old Bucks Creek channel and headed east. I started with a couple of different offerings running 21 to 26 feet down. That's right I said 21 to 26 feet what other lake around has Kokanee action that close to the surface this time of year. The two rigs that proved to be best are some old stand-bys. The Uncle Larry's Tropical Tiger (Aka The Spumoni Pony) behind a watermelon Wild Thing Dodger and a pink Wiggle Hoochie behind a silver UV Sling Blade. As always the hooks were tipped with Pro Cure scented corn. The action in the morning wasn't red hot but diffidently solid. We continued to work the Bucks Creek Arm keeping the bigger fish in the 14 and 15 inch range and releasing the smaller ones. (We also released a number of the bigger fish at the back of the boat prior to getting them into the net) With the sun on the water the bite seemed move a bit deeper in the 30 to 35 foot range. By 9:30 am we had the two limits on board  and it was time to fillet. The fish were in great shape with showing little or no signs of the upcoming fall spawn.

I will be running trips at Bucks Lake for the rest of the month before moving the Boat to Eagle Lake for the fall action. I still have some open dates in September at Bucks Lake for combo trout or Kokanee trips. If you are interested in a Eagle Lake trip during the months of October and November please contact me as soon as possible as the dates are starting to fill.


Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 6, 2011

It is hard to believe we are looking at early June with as much snow as there is around the shores of Bucks. Access to the lake provided thanks to the Plumas County Road Department was just about on schedule with the road being cleared by Mothers Day weekend. The ramp at Lakeshore Resort was knocked open and we were ready to go, but the lake wasn't. Most of the water on the lake was clear and free of ice, however the Bucks Creek arm of the lake including the area of Lakeshore's ramp and marina were still blanketed with a stubborn sheet of ice and snow. I took nearly a week for that ice flow to clear and the season was on. Right out of the gate we were landing some nice Mackinaw up to the 18 pound range. Steve Graham of Sacramento took a commanding lead of the 2011 Big Mack Challenge with a 22 pound 9 ounce fish that put up a spectacular battle. Several fish in the days that followed looked as if they might push that mark but fell just short. Another week went by and the pounds of Mackinaw caught and released continued to grow when Hanns Balkowitsch of Roseville locked on to what would turn out to be the new and current leaded of the 2011 Big Mack Challenge a 25 pound 11 ounce 44 inch Monster! In non Mackinaw related news the bite for Browns and Bows is going off in a big way. On most of the trips the focus has been for the big Macks but occasionally I will also run what I call the "Meat Rod" which is just a light rod rigged usually in the top 12 feet for a mix of Browns, Bows and Kokanee. The "Meat Rod" will usually provide a little action to pass the time in between the big fish hook-ups not exactly a concentrated effort to catch the other species of the lake. I have run several trips in the last few days where the lake's trout population was our target and we found hot action and bows and browns to 18 inches with a few 3 to 4 pound Mackinaw in the mix as well. When I say the action was hot I mean double and triple hook-ups and 30 plus fish days. We did manage to catch fish on a variety of tackle including Needlefish, and DicNites but the best producing rigs were Cripplures in silver UV and gold and orange covered in Pro-Cure and fished 12 to 20 feet off the Cannon Downriggers. The most productive areas were in the Bucks and Mill Creek Arms. I will work on getting some pictures up soon.


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