Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 24, 2011

Lake Almanor continues her swing into full spring mode. The shallow bite for the lake's Browns has continued to be solid for fish into the 5 pound range. My best producing baits continue to be the Trophy Sticks covered in Trophy Trout Gel from Pro-Cure. The Smallies have begun to hit the shallows in good numbers witch can be a bit of a problem when your target is the Browns, they do put up a great fight especially the larger females in the 4 to 5 pound range. There have been a few days when the Smallmouth action is so good I have had to move out to the open water and get back on the Downriggers to get away from them. We have been picking up a solid 50/50 mix of Browns and Bows with a few of the King Salmon showing near the dam from 10 to 16 feet. Pearl Bikini Needlefish have been one of the top producers. With the Salmon in the area I also rigged up a couple of traditional Salmon set-ups that include a silver UV Sling Blade followed by a Tanzanite hoochie both from Shasta Tackle. A friend of mine turned me on to that particular color hoochie saying it was one of his best salmon slayers at many other lakes that hold populations of the silver rockets. I put these rigs down at 16 feet on the Cannons and it didn't take long for the rods to light up, turns out Browns like the salmon gear as well. Look for the action to continue to improve as the warmer weather puts the metabolism of these fish into high gear. 

Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 12, 2011

The Brown Bite Continues!! More Browns are beginning to move in to areas along the east shore following the Pond Smelt. On recent trips we have seen pretty solid numbers of Browns, some days having to cover more water than on others, but the fish are there. Many of the fish I have cleaned are loaded with good sized smelt. Several things are starting to line up that should pick this bite up even more. Hamilton Branch is now kicking out much less of the muddy water as in weeks past, and the clarity in many of the areas that were affected is starting to improve. The water temps are now starting in the low to mid 40's depending on location and getting as high as 50 if the conditions are right. Conditions are prime to support a great spring bite. This week my best producers have been the Trophy Sticks, of course covered in Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel. These rigs hit fish in the 2 to 5 pound range. The parking issues at Canyon Dam have been solved by the county doing a great job of opening the second parking lot.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 3, 2011

It is Game On!! at Lake Almanor. How fast things can change with a break in the storms and a little sun. A week ago the fish were in a solid winter pattern  and now the weather has them acting like spring. The open water bite near the dam and up the east shore that had been very good has dwindled over the week with only a few fish still being caught on smelt pattern imitations fished in the top 10 feet. When the water starts to warm I get excited to get in the shallows and chase Browns and that what we have been doing. There have been some rumors out there that the east shore is un-fishable due to murky water pumping out of the Hamilton Branch Power House, while the water is flowing out very stained most of the east shore is still very fishable. How do I know?? Because we have been hooking fish!! I have spent my time working rocky points along the east shore with Trophy Sticks and Rapalas finding mostly Brows with a few Bows in the mix. The fish have been running 2 to 5.5 pounds so far but each year we hook into the lake's larger fish doing this. It is only a matter of time. I have been lubing up the lures with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel. The water temps have been starting out in the high 30's and topping out in the mid 40's under mostly sunny skies and flat water conditions. Look for this bite to only get better as we move further into spring. The Canyon Dam Boat Ramp is in good shape with only one side currently open but it will not be long till the other side melts open as well. Parking can still be a bit of an issue as the side parking lot is still packed with snow and un-useable. Please use common sense when parking, be sure not to block anyone in or block access in or out of the parking lot.

Zeke's Big Bow

Kris with a 5+ pound Brown

Another Brown for Patty

Ramon likes Almanor!



Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 20, 2011

The winter trout bite at Lake Almanor continues to be pretty solid........... when you can get to the lake! Last weeks storms had cleared we were back on the water catching fish and them BOOOOOM!!! Things really blew up weather wise with fierce storms bringing high winds and more snow to the Almanor basin which is more accurately measured in feet not inches. With winds gusting over 40 mph, and access to the lake being blocked by snow, I was forced to re-schedule a couple of trips. Prior to the storms we were on a solid bite along the east shore as in weeks past. The hot rig was again the Arctic Fox Pond Smelt Tube Fly run at of near the surface. For more details please read last weeks report. With an eye to the weather, I hope to be back out on the lake soon hooking up clients with nice fish.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 13, 2011

The wild winter weather continues!! The trout bite at Almanor continues as well!! Now with the sport shows behind me, I can turn my full attention to fishing. By the way to all of you who stopped by the booth at the Sacramento ISE show and the Nor-Cal Boat, Sport and RV show in Anderson, Thank You! It was great to see many of my old friends and make quite a few new ones. Despite the up and down weather pattern we have been in the fishing at Lake Almanor has been solid. While on the water during recent trips my groups have consistently been hooking more than 20 fish each day, landing most of them.  "You fish in the rain and snow?" You bet, top up heater on lets go fishing. Now even though my 23 foot Boulton can be pretty comfortable in the cab you will still want to be prepared and dress for the conditions, layers are best. Most people don't even notice the weather when they are on the back deck hooked up with a nice fish. In fact some of my best days at Almanor have been under rain and snow conditions. The east shore has been the hot ticket for us, from the dam all the way up. I have been targeting fish in the top 10 feet of water that are actively feeding on the lakes Pond Smelt. Most of our catch has been made up of Bows averaging 2 pounds with a few smaller and larger fish in the mix. We are usually seeing multiple fish in the 3 pound class each day and even a few up to 5 pounds. Those are some beautiful fish. Like I said we will have rain and snow one day and a sunny spring like day the next. On those sunny days I have also been venturing into the lake's shallow sections hunting the spring time Browns, and getting 4 to 6 each trip for about a hour of fishing. Certainly not the red hot Brown bite I'm usually on this time of year but it is showing signs of improvement, and with some warmer weather and water it will be going off soon. Our top producers on the Browns have been Trophy Sticks in the Tasty Tui pattern and black and silver Rapalas. Now for the details; the hot producers have been the Pond Smelt pattern Arctic Fox Tube Fly and minnow imitation soft plastics. I'm rigging both of these with an action disc and running them down from the surface to 10 feet on the Cannon Downriggers or out to the sides on the planer boards. ***Inside Tip*** The planer boards have been getting more than half our fish>=))))'> I have been coating the rigs with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel as scent can play an important role in helping fish locate and grab the bait. The water temp has been starting out in the 38 degree range in the mornings and getting as high as 41 on the days with sun and light winds. More storms are forecast for the next week and I'm planning on being out there putting my clients on fish. Hopefully we will see you on the water.

Taryn with another nice Bow.

Just a few of Kevin and Greg's fish.

Chuck (aka Captain Sushi) kept a pair of the more than 30 fish hooked.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 27, 2011

The top story of the last week has been the weather. Northeastern California was pounded by a winter blast that brought low snow, and a good amount of it. While the snow is welcome, and will improve our water outlook for the rest of the year it brought with it some challenges. Road conditions were poor at best with most major routes requiring chains on just about everything. Access to Lake Almanor was spotty. The county did have the facility at Canyon Dam open at times but heavy snowfall made it tough. The calm after the storm will help crews get things a little more back to normal. The winter bite was going strong before the storm and should resume now that things are settling down.

This year I will again be attending the Nor-Cal Boat, Sport and RV Show held at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson California. The show will run March 4th,5th and 6th. Look for Big Daddy's Guide Service in booth number 14 in the Shasta Hall. There will be pictures and video from 2010 trips as well as some fresh ones from the last month at Almanor. In addition to "Show Special" discounts on fishing trips I will also have another round of the extremely popular Grundens Hoodies. These heavy duty sweatshirts are the best you will ever own. Stop by the booth and say hi.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 13,2011

The spring like weather has continued and provided with pleasant conditions for February fishing on Lake Almanor, but big changes are on the way. A storm front is set to move in and shake things up a bit, bringing much needed rain and snow to the mountains. The winter bite has held steady and the fish continue to bite. I have been concentrating on a mix of Browns and Bows to about 3 pounds with a few larger fish in the mix along the east shore. The fish are healthy and fat, spitting up pond smelt as we land them. I have been running a variety of rigs that imitate these bait fish, today the best producer was an Uncle Larry's Spinner in the "Mad Cow" pattern with a black and white grub "pony tailed" on the hook. This set up caught more than half of our fish. A pearl trolling spoon was the second best bait. We landed fish from the surface to 15 feet over 20 to 50 feet of water off the Cannon Downriggers, with the hottest depth being in the 12 to 15 foot range. Sometimes it is hard to convince yourself to fish deeper when you have fish tailing all over the surface, and while we did catch some shallow, by far our deeper sets were getting the most action. The water temp was running 38 when we launched and had warmed a couple of degrees with the bright sun by late morning. Once this upcoming storm moves out look for the fishing to get right back on track with this typical winter pattern.

This year I will again be attending the Nor-Cal Boat, Sport and RV Show held at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson California. The show will run March 4th,5th and 6th. Look for Big Daddy's Guide Service in booth number 14 in the Shasta Hall. There will be pictures and video from 2010 trips as well as some fresh ones from the last month at Almanor. In addition to "Show Special" discounts on fishing trips I will also have another round of the extremely popular Grundens Hoodies. These heavy duty sweatshirts are the best you will ever own. Stop by the booth and say hi.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 6,2011

And the winter bite continues..... You might be fooled into thinking it is spring judging by the weather, cool sometimes foggy mornings give way to beautiful afternoons. The fish at the lake have been sticking to their winter patterns with a solid morning bite along the east shore at a variety of locations with the action slowing as the day moves on. We have been catching fish from the surface to 20 feet and just about everywhere in between off the Cannon Downriggers. My best producing rigs have be things that imitate the smelt in the lake. Spoons in white or black and white patterns, the Arctic Fox tube flies in Pond Smelt, and soft plastics behind action discs are the regular weapons. I like to run these rigs with out the use of flashers or dodgers to enhance the fight once hooked up. The fish have been a mix of Browns and a few Bows around 2 pounds with a few larger ones showing. The water temp has been running in the high 30's in the morning with 41 being the warmest we saw all day under flat and sunny conditions. Look for this winter pattern to continue as we move through the month, as we will get back to a little more normal weather conditions. Hopefully we have plenty more rain and snow to come as many of the area lakes can use the additional boost.

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Sacramento ISE show and stopped by the booth. It was good to see many old friends and meet quite a few new ones. I look forward to fishing with you in the future.

Happy 2011!!

It is hard to believe the new year is already here, 2010 seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Last season produced some outstanding fishing here in Northeastern California. winter and spring at Almanor was on fire with some exceptional Brown fishing as well as a fantastic Salmon bite. Bucks Lake, again, gave up another year of record catch rates of Trophy Mackinaw with over 640 pounds caught by my clients. Congratulations to Josh Daries who won The Big Mack Challenge and collected the cash with his 25 pound 6oz. Mack. The Kokanee bite was also solid through the summer producing crazy bites of the biggest Kokanee seen at Bucks in some time. The Kokanee were running a solid 14 to 16 inches and girthy. Then it was on the Eagle Lake. Despite all the negative rumors about the water level the fish were still on the bite. While the water was down (I'm certainly doing my share of rain and snow dances) launching really wasn't a problem even for my big I/O Boulton. The trolling trips provided solid action and the fly fishing trips were some of the best. Looking to the new year, we are already getting good amounts of much needed rain and snow. Almanor is in great shape with plenty of water and is primed to give up another great season. Bucks is on tap for more Trophy Mack action as soon as I can get a boat in, and there is no telling how big the Kokanee will be this year. Eagle has been getting hit by some of these storms as well, and can use all the help it can get as far as water goes. I'm optimistic we will be busting some nice ELT this year.

The winner of the 2010 Big Daddy's Guide Service Captains Club Bucks Lake Fishing Trip is Bill Anderson of Santa Rosa. Congratulations Bill and Thanks for being a member. Please contact me to arrange delivery of your gift certificate. (Every member of BDGS Captains Club is eligible for the yearly drawing.) 

Once again I will be participating in both the Sacramento ISE Show (January 20-23 Booth # 3434 in the Sportfishing Hall) and the Anderson Sport Show (March 4,5 and 6 Booth # 14). Stop by the booth and check out the new pictures and video from last season. You also will have an opportunity to book your 2011 trips at Show Special Prices. You might also want to check out the new pullover sweatshirts with the new printed logos. Many of you have been asking me to get some printed up and so here they are. These Hoodies are made by Grundens (The company that makes the heavy duty commercial gear we wear on the boats) and feature Heavy Weight 13 oz. construction, a double lined hood and a hidden zippered pocket inside the hand warmer pocket. (great for cell phones and keys or anything else you don't want to lose. This is the best Hoodie you will ever own.  They are available in black with a white logo printed on the front (See a copy of the logo below, click on it to see a larger version.) from M - 2XL. The price is $50.00 and if you pick them up at the show I will cover the sales tax. Due to limited quantities, if you are serious about one I would be happy to put your name on one to be picked up at the Sacramento ISE Show. If you are interested please email your Name, Address and Contact Phone Number to or call (530) 283-4103 and bring $50.00 in the form of cash or check (No Cards) to the show.  I look forward to seeing my old friends and making some new ones in 2011. Tight Lines.

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