Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 24, 2010

The fall season at Eagle is well under way and until recently we have been fighting the un-seasonably warm and sunny weather. Much of the first part of October found flat glassy water with many days of bright sun, not the ideal conditions for fishing wary trout in shallow water. Despite the weather working against us we have been catching fish, just having to work a little harder for them. In between the days of "tropical" weather whenever a front would push through bringing clouds and a little wind the bite would go off and be wide open. I have spent much of the month fishing the northern areas of the lake. We have managed to find our fish and not fight the crowds, though we have had to deal with some grass on the surface depending on what the wind was doing. The other factor that some times becomes an issue fishing shallow bays is water clarity. Big blows from the wind will stir up the water turning it to more of a chocolate milk color. When this happens it will kill the bite unless you can find the line where the color changes and work it. So when the conditions up north have been less than ideal we have been fishing south along both the east and west shores. Most recently the Eagles Nest, Miners Bay areas have been holding great bites. There have been some smaller fish to pick through but there are also plenty of larger ones. The action has been hot with multiple hook-ups and fish grabbing the bait while being let out. My best performing baits have been grubs in either brown or orange and on some days both colors are getting hit equally. I have been running the gear from 5 to 7 feet down depending on the water depth at the location and saucing them up with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout or Freshwater Shrimp. Currently the water temps are running in the low to mid 50's. The bite should only improve as we get into more of a fall weather pattern.

Fly fishing has also been productive, with points on both the east and west sides of the lake giving up fish as they move in and out in search of food. Wiggle tails in rust and olive have been doing the trick.

The water level has been getting quite a bit of press this year, most of it bad. The lake level is down but there is plenty of water to fish. Launching out of Spalding has not been an issue as long as you use some caution. All trailers will drop off the concrete when launching and recovering. Gravel has been places to ease the transition from ramp to dirt but there is still a small drop. It is advised that you slowly ease your trailer tires up and down this bump. Several trailers have been damaged by people hitting this lip with to much speed. Most of the usual spots around the lake are now more exposed due to the falling lake level and quite a few new shallow spots have shown up. Use extreme caution while on the lake.


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