Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 1, 2010

Well it has been some time since I have been able to update this report. Lets dispel all the rumors that I am no longer fishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spring time is a very busy time for me and the bottom line is I haven't had time to sit down and put together a report for you. To bring you up to date I switched from Lake Almanor to Bucks Lake during the first week of May. Access to Bucks was a little iffy due to all the heavy snow. FYI there is still a large amount of snow at the lake and it seems about every week we get a little winter blast that puts down several additional inches. The recent warmer temperatures will help melt of the white stuff at a quicker pace now. The fishing at the lake has been pretty solid over all. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so here goes......

Brian set the mark at 14 pounds 6 ounces

Jeanette doing battle with the monster....

...the reward and new leader at 20 pounds

Josh's 25 pound 6 ounce Bull Mac

...20,000 words of great battles, high fives, fist bumps. New this year on the boat is "The Big Mac Challenge" witch is a $5 buy in pot with the biggest (heaviest) Mac of the year being the winner. Brian was in the lead with his 14 pound 6 ounce fish until Jeanette hoisted her 20 pounder to the boat. There have been quite a few fish that looked like the might challenge the 20 for the money, but they all fell short in the high 18 to 19 pound class. That is until Josh successfully battled his 25 pound 6 ounce bull to the boat. Josh currently leads the challenge but the next big fish is only one strike away. This is a trophy fishery and all these fish were released to fight another day. To date the boat has caught and released 408 pounds of Trophy Mackinaw this season. In addition to the Mackinaw fishing we have been catching some nice Browns in the shallows as well as Bows in the open water. The Kokanee look really good this year with some fish already up to 13 and 13.5 inches. Bucks has always had a good population of the spunky salmon but they tended to run on the small side. Look for these fish to get even bigger as the year goes on.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report September 26, 2010

Bucks seems to be the lake with the Kokanee action that just wont end. We hit the water this weekend and found the solid bite was still there, in fact it might have gotten a little better. My efforts were concentrated in the deeper water between Rainbow Point and the dam. Most of the fish in this area and not nearly as "colored up" as fish in the Bucks Creek Arm. It is hard to believe we can be getting this solid of a bite out on the lake while some of the Kokes are already up in Bucks Creek spawning. We caught fish from 35 to 55 feet down with the 45 foot mark being the hottest number on the Cannon Downriggers. The two hot combinations continue to put fish in the boat, both running behind Crystal Basin Wild Thing dodgers in silver with fish scale tape. The prototype color Uncle Larry Spinner, that has been the hot ticket from day one for me, and the pink Wiggle Hoochie from Shasta Tackle. They seemed to hook fish at about the same rate. I'm still tipping the rigs with the old stand-by, corn treated with Pro-Cure's Kokanee Wizard. The water temps are running in the mid to low 60's depending on location, time of day and weather conditions. This late blast of warm weather has made Bucks a great place to be, with beautiful flat calm mornings and warm afternoons.

Eagle Lake: I will be wrapping up my last trips at Bucks this coming weekend and moving the boat up to Eagle Lake for the fall action. I know there has been alot of negative talk out there about the Eagle's low water level, and it is a big problem, but there is still plenty of water to fish and plenty of fish in it. The fall bite is just starting, as the fish are moving north, and will only get better. I still have some open days in October and November. If you are interested in booking a trip please contact me.



Bucks Lake Fishing Report September 10, 2010

The Kokanee action just keeps going. I have changed absolutely nothing in my set-ups as listed in the previous report, like the saying goes "if it aint broke don't fix it". I have concentrated most of my Kokanee fishing efforts in the Bucks Creek arm of the lake back on those fish holding at 35 to 39 feet of depth. I kept thinking about moving down the lake towards the dam to target the deeper fish but the bite was just to steady and quality was to good to leave. We did do a bit of trout fishing as well with big numbers of Brookies and a few small Browns caught and released in the Mill creek arm as well as some solid Rainbows along the edges of the Bucks Creek arm. The water temps are moving down just slightly as the lake level falls and cooler temps signal Fall is on the way. It looks like we should get a couple more weeks of good Kokanee action and the trout bite should only improve.

My phone has been ringing as people get into the mood for the Eagle Lake Trout action in October and November. If you are thinking about planning a trip I would recommend contacting me as soon as possible to reserve your dates.


Bucks Lake Fishing Report August 31, 2010

The hot Kokanee bite at Bucks continues! This will go down as one of the best Kokanee seasons of all time for the lake. Limits, and then some, have been the rule, made up of fish running up to 16+ inches with most running a fat 14 to 15 inches. On recent trips we have been very selective only keeping the largest fish and still coming off the water by 11am with 3 to 4 heavy sacks. My best results have come at various points along the Bucks Creek channel between the Marinas and the Dam. While quality fish are being caught as shallow as 35 feet my best action has come from 50 to 60 feet down on the Cannon Downriggers. I have basically been sticking to a couple of setups, both running behind Crystal Basin Wild Thing dodgers in silver with fish scale tape. One features a prototype color Uncle Larry Spinner, that based on its results this year will, I'm sure, be available to the general public soon. This spinner has been the hot ticket from day one for me, and has preformed well above average for several other people who have been testing it at a variety of other lakes. The second rig that has been scoring fish is a pink Wiggle Hoochie from Shasta Tackle. One day one seems to out do the other and some days they both spank fish. (Those days are really fun!) I'm tipping the rigs with corn treated with Pro-Cure's Kokanee Wizard. The fish, for the most part are in good shape with some starting to turn but the meat is still beautiful. In addition to the killer Kokanee action the 'Bows and Brookies have also been on a good bite The Bucks and Mill Creek arms have been the place for the trout action right on the bottom. A variety of classic trolling spoons have been getting the action including frog pattern Needlefish and UV Cripplures. The Mack bite has been pretty quiet, but I really haven't spent any time looking for them. Both of these bites don't show any signs of slowing and the pressure (what little there is) will all be gone after this holiday weekend.

I will continue running trips at Bucks till the end of September when I move the boat up to Eagle Lake for the Fall action. Despite all the negative press out there about Eagle and it's water level there is still plenty of water to fish and plenty of fish to be caught.



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