Lake Almanor Fishing Report April 10, 2010

The lake sure has a different look to it after being hit with the recent storms. The clarity is a bit stirred up, and the lake level took a big jump. The rain, snow and wind also drove the water temps back down to the low 40's. What did it do to the fish? Well from what I have seen the fish seemed to be more scattered. My clients, this time of year, have one thing on their minds, BROWNS. I have continued to work the water all along the east shore concentrating on rocky points and outcroppings, we are just having to cover alot more water during the course of the day. So the storms kind of hit the reset button and put us back to what the conditions were like in early March. The big smallies we had been catching pretty much put their fir coats back on and went into hiding. Look for them to get active again as the water warms. The top bait this week was still the black and silver Rapala with a good showing from black and gold as well as the Tui Chub Trophy Stick. I have continued to run the baits covered with Pro-Cure Trophy Trout Scent. The Browns have been running 3 to 5 pounds. Most of the fish I have cleaned have been full of new born smelt indicating the Pond Smelt spawn is on. Look for the bite to continue as we keep trucking through Spring.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 27, 2010

Let me say a few words to sum up the fishing. Browns, Browns, Browns, Oh it's a big Bow, Browns, Browns, That's looks like a good fish! SNAP!!! What do you mean he came off? You can't be hung up it's a fish. WOW!! Monster Smallmouth, and Browns. Get the idea? Overall the Brown bite has been pretty solid, don't get me wrong it hasn't been without a few challenging days, but all in all pretty good. On recent trips I have been fishing a variety of locations on the east as well as the west shore. No new tricks here, the top producers have still been black and silver Rapalas and Trophy Sticks in the Tui Chub pattern. Put them way back with plenty of Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Sauce and cover some water. The browns have been running 3 to 6 pounds with several larger ones that have been hooked but not landed so at this point they are just fish stories. Water temp is running in the low to mid 40's depending on location and the lake level is on the rise. Looking back over the past month I would have to say we have had some pretty darn good fishing, and the conditions are primed for this bite to carry on in to April. Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Don't forget to wear your green and enjoy the corned beef. It has been some time since I have been able to update you here on the site. When the weather gets nice things get busy. The fishing at Lake Almanor has been overall pretty good. The big bite we had been on by the dam in the mornings has tapered off. The fish are still feeding on the smelt but the bite seems to shut down once the sun hits the water. On days when you have some fog or clouds, the bite will hold a little longer but not much. All of the pond smelt imitations mentioned below in the Feb. 15th report are still working. I have spent more time chasing the lakes Brown Trout population and we have been scoring some pretty good fish to 5 pounds so far but it is only a matter of time till we tap into a big one. This bite has diffidently had a few ups and downs but overall has been solid. I have been working most of the rocky points along the east shore in the shallows with rip baits. The Browns are in there eating the smelt which are using the rocks for cover. I have been running black and silver Rapalas and Trophy Sticks in the Tui Chub pattern and both have been hooking up. The water temp has been starting in the low 40's warming to the mid to upper 40's in the afternoons depending on location. The sunny days and light winds should keep this trend going. There is still snow around the lake and it has been pretty chilly in the mornings but the ramps and roads are dry and open.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report February 15, 2010

The winter trout bite at Lake Almanor is Wide Open! Over the last several days of fishing we have been connecting with fish on a morning bite that features double and even triple hook ups. The hot action has been near the dam and along the east shore with tons of fish rolling at the surface, stacking up on the sonar and chasing pond smelt from the depths to the surface. The fish are a mix of Browns and Bows ranging from 2 to 4.5 pounds they are fat and feisty. Early limits have been the rule, in addition we have been doing a lot of catch and release fishing just adding up the numbers and enjoying some great fights. There are 3 basic rigs that have been producing for us including Arctic Fox tube flies in the Pond Smelt pattern rigged with an action disc. The "Mad Cow" Uncle Larry's Spinner rigged with a pony tail of white or black and white. Finally a black and white spoon similar to a Needlefish. The common theme here is they all resemble a Pond Smelt. "Match the Hatch" doesn't only apply to fly fishing. I have been giving all the rigs a healthy dose of Pro Cure's Trophy Trout Sauce for scent which in addition to the vibration helps the fish locate the bait. While there is a ton of surface action our best bite has been down from 9 to 11 feet on the Cannon Downriggers with the shallower lines at 4 and 6 picking up there share including some of the bigger Browns. The recent mild  weather has kept the area roads in good shape and the boat ramp at Canyon Dam is perfect, with both lanes clear and useable. We are in a fairly stable weather pattern for the next week or so and this bite should hold out strong for the time being. I do have several days over the next week still available, don't miss your chance to get in on the fantastic winter bite. Call today! Tight Lines

Lake Almanor and ISE Show January 18, 2010

Welcome to 2010 and what I'm sure will be another great year of fishing here in Northeastern California. We are currently getting hit by a heavy line of storm that are bringing much needed rain and snow. I have been out for several trips on Lake Almanor finding good action by the dam along the east shore as well as up north along the west shore. It will no doubt take a while to clear this weather and then it's back to the water. I'm currently getting ready to attend the Sacramento ISE show. This show is really the best one in Northern California. This year I will be in the same location booth number 3434. If you are planning to attend the show be sure to stop by. Show specials on trip bookings, see pictures and video of the 2009 Bucks Lake Mack Attack, register for the Captains Club and much more. The winner of the 09 Captains Club Fishing Trip is Ron Bagwell of Davis CA. Congratulations Ron contact me for details or pick up your certificate at the ISE show. If you have not registered for the Captains Club click the tile on the left side of the page and sign up. If you have previously registered you are automatically entered for the 2010 drawing. I look forward to seeing you and fishing with you in 2010.

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