Eagle Lake Fishing Report November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!! It has been a while since I have had time to update my reports, so let me give you an overview of what has been going on as well as some current conditions. Our bite over the last several weeks has been pretty solid both on the troll as well as on the fly rods. I have fished areas like Troxel Point, Bucks Point and the north side of Pelican Point on the troll following the fish, as they move following food and warmer water temperatures. When the water temps in the north basin of the lake drop below 40 degrees most of the fish will head south. That said, you can still find a few fish up there but the bulk of them have moved out. The end of Bucks Point is a good spot to intercept these fish as they pass through the narrows, and we took heavy advantage of it posting some great days with solid limits as well as a good number of smaller fish released. Next the bite near the airport and the north side of Pelican heated up.*** Viewer Warning*** All of the buoys have been removed with the exception of the lighted ones on the ends of the points. There is a hell of alot of stuff to hit  on the north side of Pelican Point be very careful fishing the shallows. There are several spots that go from 5 feet to prop damage in no time flat. I concentrated on water from 5 to 7 feet in depth running the gear from 2 to 4 feet down. I stretched the lines from 150 to 175 feet in back of the boat due to the shallow nature of the area. A variety of gear was getting hit but I settled in on 2 inch orange grubs scented with Pro-Cures Freshwater Shrimp Oil. That has been my best producer for the last several weeks no matter where we fished. This bite is still going on right now.

I have also spent several days in the water with groups fly fishing. For the most part we have seen pretty good grabs, however things did get tough at times due to what I would call unseasonably nice weather. It is pretty hard to catch fish in 2 to 3 feet of water when the sun is high and the lake is glass. These conditions got us several times with solid action first thing in the morning followed by a slow bite under calm conditions. If we were lucky enough to get a breeze in the afternoon the bite would pick right back up. Despite the cold water conditions we had solid grabs each morning up at Troxel Point but once the sun would hit the water the fish would move back out. We picked up fish at Little Troxel, north Pelican Point and north Youth Camp. I did make one trip as far south as Shrimp Island (or Mount Shrimpus as I am now calling it due to low water conditions) looking for fish on the deep drop offs during one period of flat glassy water. It did yield a fish but the bite never panned out. The usual flies in olive and rust patterns have been the hot ticket on the fly rods. Olive had been hands down my best but in recent days the rust colored wiggle tails have definitely had the advantage.

Some current conditions you should be aware of; there has been a fair amount of ice forming in the Spaulding boat launch basin. The ice has been extending out, some mornings, quite a ways and has been staying on the water in the bay all day. Boats are still launching and getting out, but are having to break some ice. For the most part the ramp itself has remained open and useable with only several instances of chains being required to launch following snow storms. There is no way to predict how much longer this ramp will be useable. As always when fishing these remote mountain destinations this time of year be prepared for all types of weather and road conditions. And above all be safe.


Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 26, 2009

This run of trips got off to a pretty good start with some famous Eagle Lake fly fishing. We started our morning up at Troxel Point and found a pretty good bite on some quality fish. For the most part we were working floating lines with our best patterns being the rust and olive colors. A few fish also fell to a black leach pattern. The morning conditions offered partly cloudy skies along with a pretty stiff breeze out of the north (not good for Ray and I the right handers). In the late morning the sun came out and the lake went flat as glass, not a good for the bite. While on the move we fished some rock piles on the east side with out success. Soup 30 came and went, we were re-energized by hot minestrone and headed off the Pelican Point. The lake surface was still flat and the sun high, and it had been some time since we had seen a fish on our rods or on the boats fishing near us. We slid into a shallow slot on the north side of the point and found the conditions to be about the same. Early afternoon saw the wind pick up along with the chop. The bite was back on with the guys taking fish in the shallows for a nice run of fish to finish the day.

Over the last couple days I was back on the troll with groups fishing the waters of the middle basin from the tip of Pelican Point to north of the airstrip. Most of our time was spent in 5 to 6 feet of water running the gear down 2 to 4 feet. The two top colors of grubs were black and brown. We experienced the same problem as I did with my fly group, when the lake surface went flat the bite was dead. I saw a lot of people getting frustrated and heading for the docks, only to find out the bite came on as soon as the chop picked up again. We returned to the docks each day with nice limits made up of fish in the 3 plus pound range, as well as releasing a good number fish while out on the water. We also we lucky enough not to get into any of the recent planters. Big fish honors go to Chuck S. from Willits with his 5 pound 2 oz fish, It was the first fish of the morning and a hell of a way to start things off.

Thank you to those who participated in the first "Singles Slam" we had some good fishing and made some new friends and fishing buddies. (The "Singles Slam" is a program offered to Captain's Club Members. Several days each month will be offered via email for single seat bookings.) If you are not a member of the Captain's Club and would like to join and receive emails about hot bites, discounts, and special dates, click the icon on the left and sign up.

The dredging operation of the Spalding boat ramp still continues. There have been several set backs, but my sources tell me that solutions have been found. 1) The water recovery pond has filled much quicker than anticipated and due to regulations this water has to be removed by trucks and transported off site. 2) The silt curtain broke free from its anchors and drifted into the RV park's dock and needs to be re-located and re attached before work can continue. The current schedule has it closed until November 6th.

Remember: The best way to get in touch with me is via the phone. While at the lake I do not have access to the internet and will not get your emails until I return to my office.


Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 19, 2009

The water temps have held in the low 50's up in the northern waters of Eagle Lake despite a cold burst of weather the hit the lake today bringing light rain, a few snow flakes and cold winds. I have continued to fish from Bucks Point to well past Troxel Point with the bite ranging from solid to wide open! I have had the boat in water from 3 to 8 feet fishing from the surface down to 6 feet and have caught fish at all depths. The most productive bait for us has been a 2 inch brown grub with other fish falling to a slightly smaller motor oil colored grub. There seems to be a fair amount of fish pushing through these areas right now and the average weight of the fish is a bit better than other locations on the lake.  In recent days we had fish on the boat as big a 4.5 pounds with most running between 3 and 3.5 pounds as well as several other larger fish we were unable to land but the fight was fun. Grass really hasn't been a problem, as it some times can be in these areas, light winds have kept the open water fairly clean. Look for this bite to keep on going as the waters continue to cool. If you haven't booked your trip for this fall and you are interested in one contact me as soon as possible there are still some dates available.

Thanks to Tom R. of Reno who chartered one of the October special days offered by The Captain's Club. We had a phenomenal morning of fishing!! If you are not a member and would like to join and receive periodic email notices about hot bites special rates and more click the icon on the left side of the page and sign up.

The dredging operation of the Spalding boat ramp has begun. A long reach excavator began work this morning after the silt curtain was placed across the mouth of the basin. Hopefully the work will go smoothly and the ramp will become functional again soon. The current schedule has it closed until November 6th.

If you try to contact me via email and don't get a reply please follow up with a phone call. Most of the time while at the lake I don't have access to the internet and will not get your emails until I return to the office.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 12, 2009

The water temps have actually gone up just a bit into the low 50's due to a stretch of mild weather. I made the first runs of the year into the north basin over the last several days and it really paid off. We still saw an occasional fish in the 2 pound class but for the most part the fish were all over 3 pounds, a nice bump for the average. I concentrated on the Troxel Point area fishing well off shore in water that ranged from 6 to 8 feet. Trolled grubs were the baits with a 3 inch brown being tops followed by a small 2 inch green grub that I rigged with an action disc. For scent I was running both the Trophy Trout Sauce and Freshwater Shrimp Oil both from Pro-Cure. I found our most productive depth to be 3 to 4 feet deep. Just about all of the fish we filled the limits with were loaded with shrimp. The bite seemed to be pretty solid providing us with an opportunity to do some catch and release and return to the dock with nice limits. The best action we experienced was in the morning, followed by consistent hook ups as we moved into late morning and early afternoon. That said on Sunday the bite did get pretty tough around 11:30. The moral; don't miss the early morning bite. Look for this bite to keep on going. If you haven't booked your trip for this fall and you are interested in one contact me as soon as possible there are still some dates available.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report October 7, 2009

Cool over night temperatures have the waters of Eagle Lake on the decline, and the fish moving north into the shallows. The afternoons have been very pleasant and the winds light, which can actually make the shallow water bite a little tough. Our best action in the first few hours of the morning has been right on the surface with the bite going deeper as the sun gets higher with the flat surface. I have concentrated on the open water north of Pelican Point working the 6 to 12 foot water with a variety of soft plastic grubs. The best producers have been 3 inch models in brown and motor oil color run 150 feet behind the boat. The rigs have been getting healthy doses of Pro Cures Trophy Trout Sauce. The fish have been running 2 to 3.5 pounds. Look for more fish to flood north and the average size to increase as we move further into the fall bite. As you have probably heard the lake is lower this year than last, which means you need to use caution while navigating the lake. The ramp info as I know it today; launching is available at  Eagle Lake Marina on the south end of the lake. The slot to come in past the jetty to the dock is very narrow but is doable. I have witnessed boats from 12 to 20 feet use this access with the larger ones being jets. The Spalding ramp is currently being used by boats but has just over a foot of water as you leave the basin. Larger boats are getting out on their kicker motors or electric trolling motors. The ramp is set to be closed beginning 10/19/09 through 11/7/09 for a dredging project that should provide us with additional clearance to safely get out of the harbor. As I get new information I will bring it to you.


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