Bucks Lake Fishing Report September 11, 2009

The weather is beginning to feel more like early Fall every day. Nights have been cool with mild afternoon temperatures and on and off winds. The lake level is going down but is still relatively high with plenty of water for easy launching. The water temps at the surface are running in the mid 60's, sometimes a bit warmer depending on day time temps and wind. The trout bite here at Bucks has remained strong under light pressure. The top two spots continue to be the Bucks Creek Area and Mill Creek. We are still getting plenty of fish mostly Rainbows fishing near the bottom in 25 to 45 feet of water. Over the last few weeks I haven't changed much, (why fix what isn't broken) still fishing a variety of small spoons, mostly needlefish, with frog and bikini patterns being the best producers. We have been picking up a few of the nicer Kokanee, up to 14 inches,  on the trout gear but have not been targeting them. Most of the Kokanee are turning and seem to be packed up in larger schools especially in front of the tributaries or at channel intersections out in the lake. The Trophy Mackinaw bite has been pretty quiet with a fish here and there but no solid pattern, however there are plenty of smaller 1 to 4 pounders being caught. These are the trophies of the future. As the weather and water continue to cool look for the bite to remain solid and the trout to start moving into their fall patterns. Eagle Lake's Fall bite is coming soon. Dates are beginning to fill up, don't wait and miss out on some of the most exciting trout fishing Northern California has to offer.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report August 16, 2009

The trout fishing at Bucks Lake has continued to hold out strong here in the month of August. Recent trips have produced 25 to 45 fish per day with the majority being Rainbows but with Browns, Brookies as well as some Kokanee mixed in. This time of year I spend most of my time in the Bucks Creek or Mill Creek arms targeting these fish, of the two Bucks Creek has steadily out produced Mill Creek. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of fish over at Mill but they seem on average to be much smaller. We have been doing most of our damage on either side of the main channel of Bucks Creek fishing water in the 20 to 40 foot range, keeping the gear with in five feet of the bottom. I have been running the gear on a 40 to 50 foot set back off of the Cannon Downriggers and coating it with Trophy Trout Sauce from Pro-Cure. The best producers for the trout have been small spoons in Bikini and Red Dot Frog patterns, although other colors have also produced. The Mackinaw bite has been a little on the slow side lake wide with only a few reports of fish. I plan to spend some time in the coming weeks looking to boat a couple more for this 2009 season. PG and E is releasing water but the lake level is still up and in good shape with surface temps running in the low 70's. I look for the trout bite to continue strong as we move into September and transition into fall. This year, as usual, I will be moving to Eagle Lake towards the end of September for the fall. Don't miss your chance at this exciting Rainbow fishing, book early to secure your dates.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report July 29, 2009

It has been a little time since the last update, my apologies. This summer has been extremely busy and extra time has been short. Over the course of the last month the fishing at Bucks Lake has been nothing short of phenomenal. The summer trout bite has held solid and looks to do so for a while. Both the Bucks Creek and Mill Creek arms of the lake have been giving up boat loads of Rainbows, Brookies and a few Browns. The trout have been hitting a variety of offerings trolled close to the bottom. My best producers have been the red dot frog or chrome bikini Needlefish. The fish have been running 12 to 17 inches. In addition to the trout we have seen some nice Kokanee on the same gear. This year Bucks has been producing fat 12 to 13 inch Kokes with some fish pushing the 14 inch mark. Now for the Mackinaw report. I haven't fished for them in the last 10 days however we certainly had some good results during mid July. On several trips we netted fish from 2 to 13 pounds, including a double hook up that produced a 7 and 12 pounder for Bob and Ron of Yuba City. All of the July Macks have been hooked on Pro Troll's Sting fish in chrome and green from 35 to 45 feet down. The latest fish have brought the boat's Mackinaw total to an unbelievable 593 pounds for the year! Almost all of these fish have been released unharmed to fight another day. I look for the trout bite to continue strong as we move into August and wind up the summer. This year, as usual, I will be moving to Eagle Lake towards the end of September for the fall. Don't miss your chance at this exciting Rainbow fishing, book early to secure your dates. ***Note Bob B. I received your message however you didn't leave me your email so that I may reply to you. Please give me a call at (530) 283-4103 or email me direct at bryan@bigdaddyfishing.com so we can chat.***

Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 25, 2009

The Mackinaw bite is still holding on although the fish are more scattered, making them a little tougher to find and stay on. In recent trips we have managed to boat Macks from 4 to 15 pounds scoring 2 to 7 fish per trip including an 8 pounder caught while bottom trolling for trout on one of the Rogue 792 ultra light Kokanee rods. Talk about a big bend and an exciting battle. The Pro Troll Stingfish have been the tops with several patterns all featuring chartreuse being the most productive. The nice thing about Bucks Lake is we are still catching fish down only 35 to 50 feet. The addition of the latest fish has brought the boat's total to whopping 549 pounds for the season! My most productive area has been the south side of the Bucks Creek channel. There has also been some pretty good action for Browns and Bows to 18 inches both in the Mill Creek arm as well as the Bucks Creek side. The fish have been hitting a variety of spoons trolled near the bottom with copper and red as well as red dot frog getting the most action. The Kokanee seem to have grown a bit this year with a good number of 12 inch fish being caught along with a few 13 inchers and it's only June. My favorite combo of a watermelon dodger in front of an Uncle Larry's Pink Tiger has been working well from 25 to 35 feet down. The lake is still maxed out full and the surface temps are in the upper 60's. I will try to get some pictures up asap.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 10, 2009

The Mackinaw bite just keeps on going. One advantage to the cooler weather and rain is that the water temp has actually dropped as much as 6 degrees into the lower 60's, that in conjunction with a full lake I think is really helping the bite. The fish seem to be up and still actively feeding on the lake's Kokanee population. This week the Stingfish from Pro-Troll have been hooking all the fish with several different patterns, all with green in them, have been getting the action. The fish have seemed to be on the move so finding them and staying on them has been a little bit of a challenge. The schools I have been working have ranges from 30 to 55 feet over 40 to 75 feet of water. In addition to the Mackinaw trips I have run some other trout and Kokanee trips with pretty good success. Most of our action on the Bows, Browns, and Brookies has come from either the Mill Creek or Bucks Creek channels. I have been fishing a variety of spoons close to the bottom and connecting with trout to 17 inches. The best Kokanee action has been over the open water of the Bucks Creek channel. I have found most of the schools holding from 25 to 35 feet with our best action occurring at 26 to 30 feet. The best set up for me has been the Watermelon Wild Thing with an Uncle Larry's Pink Tiger tipped with corn. The Kokanee are generally running 10 to 11 inches however there are also fish in the 12 to 12.5 inch range which are starting to put on a little weight. Congratulations to Mike Madsen of Eagle Mountain Utah who landed the biggest Mackinaw so far this season a fat 23 pound fish which was quickly released after the picture.

Mike's 23 Pounder

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 31, 2009

The Mackinaw bite has continued to hold pretty solid with a few ups and downs. I have been concentrating on two areas of the lake, the back side of Rainbow Point and the edge of the Bucks Creek channel near the marinas. The fish have been hammering the Stingfish from Pro Troll with the green and chrome being the most popular with a few fish coming on the blue and chrome. This week we have had multiple 15 pound fish with a few 12's, 10's and 8's as well as a over eager 1 pounder who thought he could make a meal out of the plug. After a few quick pictures all of the fish were released. In addition to the Macks, we caught Rainbows and Browns to 16 inches and a few Kokanee in the Mill Creek and Bucks Creek arms. The best baits were Red Dot Frog Needlefish fished near the bottom starting in 10 to 12 feet of water in the morning and dropping down to 20 to 26 feet later in the day. The best Kokanee action was out in front of the marinas from 25 to 35 feet down. They have been stacked up pretty heavy in these areas and if your gear is in them you are going to get bit. Our best set up was a Watermelon Wild thing Dodger followed by a Pink Tiger Uncle Larry's Spinner. The Kokanee are running 10 to 11 inches. Surface temps are running in the upper 60's and the weather has been just about picture perfect in the mornings with a few thunder clouds forming in the afternoon.

Happy Birthday

2nd Time's A Charm

Big Bendo!!


Bucks Lake Fishing Report Memorial Weekend, 2009

Back on the water looking for more big fish. The first day was by most standards pretty good. We started on the Mill Creek side of the lake and after several passes the first rod went off. Greg was on it and following a good fight (and a little huffing and puffing) I netted a 15 pound class fish. The fish hit the chrome and green Stingfish at 39 feet and following a quick picture we released the fish. After a few more passes and a hook up that we lost I decided to move around the corner to the Bucks Creek side of the lake. We dropped the gear and began working the south side of the channel for 4 more Mackinaw from 2 to 8 pounds with a couple other hook ups with most of the fish coming on the chrome and blue Stingfish. The next day was a different day all together. A fleet of boats was on the water looking to tackle these fish. The bite had definitely slowed, in my opinion due to the pressure. Instead of working the fleet I tried to find other fish away from the crowds. We worked hard for only 2 hookups landing an 8.5 pound fish. Very few fish were landed that day across all the boats that were out. The addition of the last couple of days has brought the total weight of Mackinaw landed by my clients to 335 pounds so far this season.  The rest of my trips this weekend were focused on Rainbows and Browns. Most of our time was spent in the Bucks and Mill Creek areas. A size one Needlefish in red dot frog worked the best for us. We fished the rigs at 10 to 12 feet in the mornings along the shorelines and dropped down to 21 to 26 later in the day, keeping the rigs a few feet off the bottom. We landed Browns and Bows to 15 inches and a hand full of 10 to 11 inch Kokanee. Look for the Mack bite to pick back up after the fish have had a few days to rest up and the trout bite should only get better as we go along. The lake is basically full with surface temps running in the low to mid 60's.

Greg's 15#


Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 9, 2009 (Picture Update)

Due to a camera malfunction, mine, I was unable to provide pictures from our 106 pound day on May 9th. Thanks to my clients Rick and Brian for sending along the shots off of their cameras for your enjoyment.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 15 and 16, 2009

Back to the hunt for big fish and the MACK ATTACK CONTINUES!! We dropped the gear in the same areas I have been fishing in the days past. I again was able to find some active fish on the sonar and it wasn't long, in fact about 15 minuets until the chrome and green Stingfish got hammered. Dustin grabbed the rod while Leon and I cleared the other rods and downrigger cables. Following what was a great fight the large Mackinaw appeared from under the boat and was in the net. Not a bad way to start the morning, 17 pounds and a good shot of adrenaline. Dustin owns a cabin on the lake and has been at bucks for 60 years but this was his first Mackinaw. We continued to work the school of fish coming up with more double digit fish including a 10, 12 and 13 pounder along with a pair of 7 pound class fish and several other missed opportunities. It was definitely a plug bite today with the chrome and green being the best. (See the picture below with the Stingfish visible in the fish's mouth) At the end of the day we were 6 for 10 with a total of 67 pounds of Mackinaw being boated!

The next day found the fish scattered and holding in a variety of other areas. After some searching I found what looked like an active school in the Bucks Creek channel. I adjusted the gear down to 40 feet and the number 2 rod got hit and hooked up but the fish came unbuttoned. I turned around for another pass this time the hooks stuck and Jeanette worked a 4 pound fish to the boat. We whipped around for another pass, this time it was Steve's turn. The number one rod went off, and it was fish on. Chalk up another on for the Artic Fox Tandem Trolling Fly this time a 12 pound class fish that we quickly released. I continued to work this group of fish for several more hookups including a 10 pounder for Jeanette. The 10 and 12 pound fish were both personal best Mackinaw for the couple. They already have their 2010 Bucks Lake Mackinaw trip planned in hopes of landing yet bigger fish. Today's fish bring the total weight of Mackinaw landed by my clients to a whopping 293 pounds so far this season with more sure to come. I still have some days available if you want to get in on the hot  Mackinaw action. Contact me today to set up your trip.

Dustin's 17#

Another Mack To The Boat



Lake Davis Fishing Report May 14, 2009

Davis has always been the traditional fishing hole for the Greco Roman Fishing Trip so we had to do one day up there. It was hard to leave the big fish biting at Bucks but we headed out in search of Rainbows. We found a "lights out" bite on the Bows with the action almost being non stop. By the end of the day we had hooked somewhere near 40 fish. The problem was most of the fish were 11 to 12 inches with some as small as 8 inches. We fished the open water north of the island all the way to Lightning Tree as well as the shallows on the west side of the lake. Finally in the afternoon we found a group of larger fish in the 14 to 18 inch class that were concentrated just north of Camp 5 in 12 feet of water. We made several passes and ended up coming off the lake with 12 fish, most of which were decent trout. The best action came on Dic Nites copper red heads and copper Sockeye Slammers run from 4 to 10 feet deep.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 12 and 13, 2009

Back on the water at Bucks Lake looking for trophy Mackinaw. I moved us into position on the east side of the Mill Creek channel behind Rainbow Point. As we started our run I began marking fish in the same spots we had caught them just days earlier. I was running 3 rods, two of them with Pro-Troll Stingfish, and one with a new rig I was testing, a Tandem Trolling Fly from Artic Fox in Kokanee color. I have been running the baits with a healthy dose of Pro-Cure's Rainbow Trout Sauce. We stayed in this general area working fish at around 40 feet hooking 6 fish but only landing 3, a 10, 13 and a 15 pounder caught by Tony Thomas that was the big fish leading the Greco Roman Fishing Trip's private tournament.  All of these fish were weighed and released. The exciting thing was that the fly was getting hammered.

The next day I was back on station with another group. Same area same rigs same depth. With only a couple hours to fish I was under a little pressure to get at least one fish for each of the four anglers. We hit one on the Stingfisgh in the first few minuets, a 5 pounder. Nick backed that one up with a 13 pounder on the fly on the very next pass. Then it was Rick's turn, he had come all the way from St. Charles MO and wasn't disappointed as the rod went off and he was tied into a 10 pound Bucks Lake Mackinaw. A good bite to say the least. I needed one more fish for my friend Munir. When the fly got hooked up this time we knew we had a good one. Munir was on the rod doing battle with a powerful fish, that at one point had us wondering if he had the fish or if the fish had him. Following a great fight I slid the net under a 16 + pound fish. This would be the private tournament's winning fish. The fish had inhaled the fly mortally wounding himself in the gills. All of the other fish were released to fight another day.

Tony's Mack

Lonnie with another

Uncle Nick's

Munir's Winning Fish


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