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Bucks Lake Fishing Report July 25, 2008

My goal here is to not sound like a broken record but the trout bite at Bucks has continued strong. Today we had a little healthy competition between 3 siblings, along with Dad and Grandma. The feisty 'Bows did not disappoint as we managed to land 20 fish, loosing a half dozen others. Mill Creek's main channel continued to be the hot ticket and the frog pattern spoons were the best color going. Please read the reports below for the rest of the details as little has changed recently. There are still a few active fires in the Plumas National Forrest but for the most part smoke generated by the fires has not been bad at the lake. Now is a great time to get in some spectacular late summer trout fishing.

The Eagle Lake dates for this October and November have really started to fill up so if you are interested contact me soon to get your date on the schedule.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report July 21, 2008

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I open my mouth and say it cant get any better it does. The trout bite (Bows, Browns, and Brookies) has continued solid for us and on some days it has been out of control. Hooking 20 fish per morning has been the norm with some days producing 40 or more hook-ups. Did I mention this is all happening in the middle of summer!! I have continued to work the edges of both Bucks Creek and the Mill Creek channels from 20 to as deep as 40 feet using the Cannon Downriggers to keep the rigs close to the bottom. The hottest bait going for me has been the frog pattern Needlefish soaked with scent from Pro-Cure. The bite looks to continue strong as we move forward. Now I haven't put in much time for Mackinaw recently, and rumors have put the bite as slow with some action for those who put their time in. I had the opportunity to fish with a father son combo who are quite experienced jig fishermen. After hooking 10 or so trout on the troll in the morning we decided to go in search of some Macks. I located some good returns on the sonar and we began dropping jigs, soon after we were hooked up. Following a spectacular fight Hunter landed a 12 pound class Mack which was released after a couple quick pictures. The next one was Hilary's, an 11 pound class fish that gave an extremely high speed fight which is uncommon for these fish. The duo followed these two fish up with three others ranging from 2 to 5 pounds. All fish were released to fight another day.


Bucks Lake Fishing Report July 7, 2008

It would be hard for the trout bite (Bows, Browns, and Brookies) to get better in July. We have been consistently boating 20 plus fish each day before noon. The bag is a mix of sizes and colors but the excitement has come from the extremely hard fighting Rainbows in the 15 to 18 inch class. These deep bodied beauties have been hitting like freight trains and keeping the Rogue 792 rods doubled over the entire fight. The hot spots have been working the edges of the Bucks Creek and Mill Creek channels. I have been keeping the baits as close to the bottom as possible in 28 to 38 feet of water. The best producers have been needlefish in the frog pattern followed by a red tiger color with plenty of scent on them. The surface temp has been up in the low 70's and should stay there with warmer weather expected. The smoke from all the California fires has been relatively light at Bucks for the most part the days have been beautiful.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 24, 2008

Well it has been some time since I have updated you as to the fishing up here. My apologies. The Mackinaw bite has slowed a bit. Fish are still being caught but it has definitely tapered off some from the solid bite early on. Once again the top baits have been the Stingfish from Pro-Troll in the blue scale color pattern and loaded with plenty of ProCure. The trout (Brookies, Bows and Browns) bite has been on a steady increase and now is in full swing with limits being the rule as well as quite a few released fish. Bucks Creek and Mill Creek have been the two hot spots. I have been working the top 10 feet and right on the bottom with a variety of spoons for the fish. The copper and red DicNite and the frog Needlefish have been the best producers. This trout bite should hold pretty solid as we move into July and August.

Bucks Lake Fishing Report May 10, 2008

We hit the water about 6:30 am for the first run of the season at Bucks Lake. The plan was to top line the shallows for starters. We found an ok bite along the Northern shores of the lake. We ran the black and silver Rapalas 200 feet behind the boat and worked water 10 feet or less. We ended up hooking 5 fish including both Bows and Browns before moving out over the open water and searching for Macks. Once over the open water I dropped Pro-troll Stingfish loaded with Pro-Cure's Rainbow Trout Gel from 25 to 35 feet down, and started working some of my favorite water. The first rod bounced and Rick was on it. After a good fight I slid the net under a Mack that was just short of 10 pounds. Not a bad way to start the year. We continued making several passes, and while I was marking some active fish we didn't hook any others. I moved to another area along the South side of the lake and on the first run we got hooked up. Brian was quick to the rod and right from the start it looked like this would be a bigger fish. Rick and I cleared all the other gear and became spectators as Brian did battle with the beast. The 8.5 foot Rogue Rod spent the entire time doubled over. The fish came up several times just out of sight before pulling line, at will, and heading back to the bottom. It may have been a toss up as to who was getting more tired, Brian or the fish. We did finally get to see the fish and verified it was big and hooked well, but he still wasn't finished and made several other shorter runs before we got the net on him. 37 inches and right at 20 pounds. Nice fish Brian. All in all a good start to the 2008 Bucks season.

Ricks Brown

Ricks Mack

20# Mack for Brian

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