Lake Davis Fishing Report May, 2007

I know the reports have been slow in coming, this month has been quite hectic. With Bucks Lake opening up early, and Almanor still fishing good I have been spread pretty thin, bouncing between three different lakes. Lets hit the high lights. The water level in Davis started out much lower than in the last several years, maybe due to a below average Winter or the upcoming treatment of the lake. The action over the last month for us has been sporadic, one day good and the next slow. Most of the trout we caught were good quality fish running 3 to 4 pounds and certainly did not disappoint when it came to fight. I definitely noticed an increasing number of trout with battle wounds as a result of Pike attacks. Most of my fishing time on the lake was spent from the island North and up the West shore. Our best weapon is an old stand by for Lake Davis, the Wee Dic Nite in copper and red. We certainly caught fish on other tackle but day in and day out the Dic Nite was the best. Most all of our trout were caught in the top 10 feet of water with a few coming at the 15 foot level late in the days when there was little or no wind on the water. Flies also tempted a few fish and we seemed to have good results with either brown, or olive buggers in size 6 and 8 run just under the surface when hatches were going on and the trout were at the top slurping. As far as the Pike go, there is certainly an increasing number in the lake and this year it was no uncommon to catch them even out in the open water where as in years past we saw more of them in the shallows. The West shore was holding plenty of them, and probably our best rig for them was a F11 Rapala in Firetiger top lined in the shallows. Some other news worthy items about the lake include tie increase in the trout limit, and a change in police regarding any Pike caught. The Department of Fish and Game changed the trout limit to 10 fish per person in an effort to remove as many as possible prior to the treatment scheduled in September. Previously the law stated that you were required to kill and retain any Pike caught and then notify DFG and turn it over, the new regulation has you kill the fish by removing its head and put it back in the lake. With any luck the treatment in September will go off successfully with out any problems and we can get Davis back to a trophy trout fishery ASAP.

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